-Allow all drive letters and volumes
-Save to disk or diskette
-Recovery option
-Very easy to use
-Easy to backup
-Easy to restore
-The backup is created with a sequence of “.bak” files
-Uses a compressed format
-Selection of options
-Options for selection
-Windows NT/Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
-DOS/Windows 3.x/4.x/5.x
-An incremental backup is made when a.bak file is saved
-“To tape” function
-Restore option
-Uses a high quality image
-Fast compression
-Fast decompression
-Can create a BOOT.INI file
-Should save your settings and work-flawlessly
-Can also recover media with a bootable image on them
-Because of the medium used for the backup you should keep your image secure, not loose
-Now it can be used with USB devices.
-Using the USB mass storage mode it works with both CD-R/RW and DVD-R/RW
-It is based on the Universal Volume Shadow Copy service for the backup and restore
-Supports various types of devices:
-Flash Diskette
-IDE / SCSI / ATAPI / USB Mass Storage
-Other types of devices will work
-You can use it with any FAT or FAT32 formatted drive
-No compression is used
-No time setting is used
-No password, title or “owner” is needed
-Does not use the “recvol” executable
-No other hardware or software is needed
-Vista support
-Supports Windows 2000 / XP / 2000 SP1 / 2003 / XP SP1 / Windows Vista
-An optional boot.ini file
-Can be run from a floppy
-The program can support many different file systems:
-FAT (FAT16 / FAT32)
-FAT32 (FAT32)
-NTFS5 (NTFS 5.0)
-NTFS5 (NTFS 5.1)
-NTFS5 (NTFS 5.2)
-Can support backup from or to all types of devices:
-FAT (FAT16 / FAT32)
-FAT32 (FAT32) 70238732e0

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JDebugTool is a standalone Java debugger that allows JDT programmers to integrate a Java debugger into their development tools.
Description of target platforms:
JDebugTool is a standalone Java debugger that allows JDT programmers to integrate a Java debugger into their development tools. JDT is the official Java Development Toolkit.
Supported hardware platforms:
JDebugTool is designed for use on Windows.
Supported development platforms:
JDebugTool is intended for use on any operating system that supports JDK1.4 or higher.
Supported target platforms:
JDebugTool is an independent development kit. A target platform is a Java virtual machine running on a system. In other words, a target platform is a set of supported components that can be used to build a JVM. A target platform must contain the Java virtual machine, the JVM debugger and the Java source level debugger. Some development platforms support an assortment of Java technology features.


1.0.0 – July 2009
JDebugTool was first released in July 2009. JDebugTool source code is available on the SourceForge.net project page.

1.0.1 – July 2009
In addition to the previously supported JDK1.4 and JDK1.5, JDebugTool supported JDK1.6 with a new API to load and use applications to debug.

1.1.0 – December 2009
JDebugTool received major changes. The original GUI was replaced with a new Swing based GUI that is consistent with the JDT graphical application development toolkit. The Help Viewer was replaced with a new context sensitive Help Viewer.

1.1.1 – March 2010
JDebugTool updates. JDebugTool supports JDK1.7 and newer. JDebugTool now supports JDK8.

1.1.2 – May 2010
JDebugTool updates. JDebugTool now supports JDK9.

1.1.3 – August 2010
JDebugTool updates. JDebugTool now supports JDK11. JDebugTool now provides access to the new Lambda expressions.

1.1.4 – September 2010
JDebugTool updates. JDebugTool now supports JDK12. JDebugTool now supports Eclipse IDE debugging.

1.1.5 – November 2010
JDebugTool updates. JDebugTool now supports JDK13.

1.1.6 – January 2011