This micro is for any Exchange Servers that support active directory group policies. It will monitor if an account’s default group policy has been changed or modified. If it has then prompt the user to log in again.
It is possible to add as many MAC addresses as you want to the macro.
– Add Host MAC Addresses
– Remove Host MAC Addresses
– Control
– Link to Resource:
Overview of the MAC address function

How to use the MAC Address function of Office 2007

How to test the MAC Address function

* Configure the set of MAC addresses that are being monitored.
* Display the MAC addresses that are being monitored.
* All the MAC addresses that are being monitored will be displayed.
* If any of the MAC addresses that are being monitored are updated, an alert will be displayed.
* To add a new MAC address, the MAC address can be entered manually.
* To remove a MAC address that is being monitored, select the MAC address and press the Delete button.
* To add or delete a MAC address from the list of MAC addresses that are being monitored, press the OK button.
* To restart the monitor to obtain the MAC addresses that have been updated, press the OK button.
* The macro can monitor any number of MAC addresses.
To add MAC addresses:
1. Open the macro and select the Add Host MAC Addresses function.
2. Select the appropriate group policy and MAC address, and press the OK button.
3. To remove a MAC address from the list of MAC addresses that are being monitored, select the MAC address, and press the Delete button.
Monitoring a MAC address for a specified group policy
To update the MAC address that is being monitored for a specified group policy:
1. Open the macro, and select the Update MAC Address function.
2. Select the group policy and MAC address that are being monitored, and press the OK button.
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LabVIEW is a reliable environment for real-time and batch data acquisition and control.
It is designed for engineers and scientists in various fields, including chemical, mechanical, biomedical and biotechnological applications.
You can use LabVIEW for hardware and software-based instruments as well as for systems with a combination of hardware and software.
The central panel provides a wealth of tools for handling, visualizing and analyzing acquired data. A variety of workspaces and windows enable you to work efficiently with the large amount of information available to you.
A wide range of measurement instruments is offered, such as data acquisition devices, oscilloscopes, multimeters and spectrometers. The program integrates a number of popular software libraries, such as LabVIEW Driver Manager, LabVIEW Image Processing, LabVIEW Embedded, LabVIEW Signal Processing, LabVIEW Signal Processing II, LabVIEW Measurement and Analysis, LabVIEW Micro Station, LabVIEW Musical Instrument, LabVIEW Universal Instruments, LabVIEW Universal Instruments II, LabVIEW DAQ and PC- based instruments and hardware, and LabVIEW Data Acquisition, LabVIEW A/D, LabVIEW A/D Universal, LabVIEW Instrument Control, LabVIEW Live Filter, LabVIEW MIDI, LabVIEW Samplers, LabVIEW System Design and the powerful Data Acquisition System Library.
When combined with the instruments offered, the LabVIEW provides a reliable environment for measuring, monitoring and controlling various experiments.
LabVIEW Software
LabVIEW, a high-quality instrument control and measurement program, is bundled with a powerful, visual programming language that is based on a graphical user interface (GUI).
LabVIEW is designed to give you a reliable environment to build measurement and control applications.
Visual Programming in LabVIEW
As a visual programming language, LabVIEW is equipped with comprehensive tools to build highly effective measurement and control applications with rapid development.
LabVIEW is capable of displaying LabVIEW programs and data on all supported Windows platforms in real time and is able to connect to PC-based hardware instruments and other instruments.
The user interface of LabVIEW consists of an interactive graphical window in which you can write and execute the program.
In this way, you can connect sensors and measurement tools, process the acquired data and generate graphical outputs.
Besides that, you can use a variety of tools to visualize and analyze data, such as dataloggers, multiple-window displays, gauges and ranges.
LabVIEW Programming Tools
LabVIEW provides comprehensive tools to create LabVIEW programs, including record, edit,