KEYMACRO is a powerful tool for modifying basic and built-in functions for a wide range of keyboard applications, from web browsers to games. With this software, you can customize any aspect of the keyboard’s function with a single click.
KEYMACRO comes with a smart and elegant user interface that allows you to perform your tasks quickly and easily, enabling you to focus on your work without having to spend time on trivial details. The software supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS X. It’s available in several languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.
KEYMACRO allows you to:
Create keyboard shortcuts for files, web sites, email addresses, and web applications;
Preview them;
Record a macro that will be executed on click of the shortcut;
Remove or reassign macros.
KEYMACRO Key Shortcuts Editor:
To create a keyboard shortcut, navigate to the Shortcuts tab, and then click the New Button to begin the process.
The tab menu shows all of the keyboard shortcuts available for this application. You can use this list to find out which functions the shortcuts correspond to, and use the shortcut that works best for you.
KEYMACRO Key Shortcuts Editor General Features:
Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to web browsers, games, editors, documents, web sites, or email addresses. You can choose among several keyboards, including Latin, French, German, or English (default).
A menu of selected tools are available at the left side of the screen. To add a tool, simply drag and drop it from the toolbox to the corresponding slot.
If you select the Edit Tool menu item, you can edit the shortcut by dragging and dropping a function from the toolbox. You can either assign a shortcut to the tool, or drag it to the free slot, which is indicated by a red “X” mark.
The right side of the screen shows the shortcut that you want to edit. You can select the function to be used, assign it to a tool, add a description, and preview it before saving. The shortcuts are saved in the registry, which means they will be automatically re-created after the program is restarted.
Once the function has been selected, click the OK button to create the shortcut. If you want to remove the shortcut, use the ‘Remove shortcut’ function.
KEYMACRO Key Shortcuts Editor Tools and Functions:
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Keymacro is a useful and easy-to-use database and search tool for business managers. It can be used to manage a company’s contacts and contacts information, tasks, opportunities, orders, communications, marketing campaigns, finances and more.
– Manage contacts
– Add contacts to a database
– Look up contacts with ease
– Edit and copy contacts
– Add or delete contacts
– Add notes
– Specify visibility settings
– Create lists
– Switch back and forth between a contact’s public and private information
– Switch back and forth between different people’s contact info
– Search for contacts with ease
– Select a specific contact record
– Filter contacts by certain characteristics
– Filter out contacts
– Sort contact lists by date, name or visibility
– Filter contacts lists by any characteristic
– Save contact lists to a file
– Manage tasks
– Create a task
– Add or modify a task
– Add a task to a specific date, week or month
– Add a task to a specified list
– View a task
– Switch back and forth between tasks
– View tasks by date, name, list or visibility
– Sort tasks by any characteristic
– Create or delete tasks
– Filter tasks by date, name, list or visibility
– Add or modify task notes
– View task notes
– Filter task notes by date, name, list or visibility
– Delete task notes
– View or edit tasks and task notes
– Assign tasks to specific people
– Specify what should happen after a task is finished
– Filter tasks by people
– Move tasks to a different list
– Switch back and forth between tasks and tasks lists
– Manage opportunities
– Add an opportunity
– Look up an opportunity with ease
– Edit or modify an opportunity
– Add or delete an opportunity
– Switch back and forth between opportunities
– Create opportunities
– Delete opportunities
– Filter opportunities by date, name, list or visibility
– View or edit opportunities
– Manage orders
– Create an order
– Look up an order with ease
– Edit or modify an order
– Add or delete an order
– Switch back and forth between orders
– View orders
– Filter orders by date, name, list or visibility
– Sort orders by any characteristic
– Create or delete orders
– View orders and create orders
– Manage purchases
– Create a purchase
– Look up a