Password Generator 2018 is a simple yet very useful and powerful tool to generate unique and secure passwords.
You can use it to generate random passwords, serial numbers and user names, as well as PINs, authentication codes, ids, etc.
Generate passwords easily with Password Generator 2018
Password Generator 2018 allows you to generate all kinds of unique and unique passwords: random passwords, usernames, PINs, authentication codes, user names, etc. This program also enables you to produce Serial Numbers (with the Serial Number Generator tool), Registration codes, and all sorts of other useful numbers.
In addition, you can easily generate different types of passwords with different properties: they can be weak, medium or strong, and you can choose the length of them.
Usernames and passwords are generated according to your requirements: the length, case, etc. You can use a number of symbols, numbers, symbols or combinations of them.
The application offers a range of settings: for example, you can specify whether to generate numbers or characters, whether to generate passwords with a specified length, etc.
You can choose between RNGs and modes (L-RNG and M-RNG), and you can even use custom dictionaries if you want to.
The program can produce random passwords, as well as serial numbers, usernames, etc.
Supports Unicode characters (Unicode)
Password Generator 2018 offers powerful Unicode features to generate random passwords.
As well as being able to search for and replace individual characters, you can search for and replace any word, regardless of its length. The Unicode characters are auto-updated and you can pick any Unicode character, from anywhere in the Unicode range.
Search for special characters
To make it even easier, you can search for special characters within your passwords. So you can find any special character you need: symbols, currency signs, etc.
Truncate password at specified length
You can set the password length manually, but you can also use Password Generator 2018 to truncate your password automatically. For example, you can generate 100-digit PINs, then automatically truncate them to 4 characters.
Removes duplicates
Password Generator 2018 removes duplicates of the same password, so your passwords are all unique and you won’t get any problems when you try to remember them.
Copy password to the clipboard
After you’ve generated your password, you can paste it to any other document, website, etc. (Copy and Paste). 0cd6e936a3

With Chameleon Explorer Pro, you can easily access, open and work with your files, folders and drives.
A powerful file manager, Chameleon Explorer Pro enables you to manage your drives, folders and files, at the same time providing you with a rich set of tools for viewing, organizing, archiving and editing them.
You can download this software by clicking on the below button and you may install it completely on your PC for free.
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Chameleon Explorer Pro is a reliable software solution designed to function as an alternative to the Windows File Explorer, being able to replace it, yet preserving support for its plugins.
Approachable and user-friendly appearance
A dedicated context menu can be called out using your middle mouse button or the Win+A key combination, enabling you to access any of the most important folders from your computer with a click.
The main window of the program displays the contents of the selected folder, while also allowing you to activate the horizontal or vertical split feature, to display additional panels, so you can work in parallel with up to four distinct ones.
Quickly access files and folders, managing them with ease
Once installed, Chameleon Explorer Pro can completely replace the Windows File Explorer, enabling you to browse through your system and access files and folders through its interface. Some features are preserved, for instance the ability to decide how to sort items in a directory, or the default view mode (icons, tiles, details, etc).
At the top of each panel, various menus allow you to quickly switch to a different directory, create a new folder or text document, open command prompt or map out the network drive. Similarly, you can apply ‘Filters’ in order to only show the ‘Audio’, ‘Documents’, ‘Images’ or ‘Video’ files in a folder; you can even add custom filters.
Chameleon Explorer Pro lets you create workspaces, so you can quickly access your most frequently used folders, to carry on working where you left off. Thanks to the ‘Split’ feature, you can simultaneously manage different directories, being able to work with up to four in a single window, to save you the time and effort it would otherwise take you to switch between them.
A handy file manager
To conclude, Chameleon Explorer Pro is a useful and effective application that can successfully help you manage your system and network directories and files, offering you