This program can be used to make certain keyboard macros on your computer with a mouse. The macros which have already been made are listed. Each Macro has its own keyboard layout. The keyboard layout may be changed for each macro.
Note: You can’t setup a Macro that is more complicated than the Key Macro Library, because you have to make the whole Macro code by yourself.
How to Setup:
1. Start the program.
2. Set the icon for the program and the size of the icon, then click “OK”.
3. Click “Options” and then check the checkboxes for the fonts you want to be able to save.
4. Click “OK”.
5. Select “Macro List” to start.
6. Click the blue “Add” button to add a new Macro, then select the folder you want to save it in.
7. If necessary, specify the shortcut on your desktop and the file name for your Macro.
8. After you’re done, press the “Save” button, then you can click “OK” to save.
9. Repeat step 7 to add more Macros.
1. The font can be set to any font you want. It can be changed for each macro, so that you don’t have to change it for each macro you add.
2. After adding a Macro, you have to click “Start” to save it to the Macro list.
3. The size of the icon can be set for each macro.
4. If you want to save a macro with different shortcut keys from other macros, set the “Key” field to a different shortcut key, then click “OK”.
5. If you set “Repeat” to “No” in step 1, it will be automatically selected after adding a macro.
6. You can also click “No” to start without displaying the Macro list window.
Saving keyboard layouts:
You can save the keyboard layout for each macro, so that you don’t have to change it for each macro. To save a keyboard layout, set it to “Yes” in the Keyboard Layout dialog. You can specify whether you want the layout to be saved for each macro.Evaluation of a focused bone biopsy approach in predicting implant survival and function.
Implants can become surrounded by a foreign body response (FBR). This may affect their longevity. We describe our experience with a new, less invasive, focused bone bi 4f8c9c8613

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Keymacro is a utility that generates xml from a set of distance matrices.
By using the key macro, you are able to save a distance matrix from different programs in a common format. 
Its unique feature is that you are able to choose different operations from a grid (number of columns and rows) like:
1. adding a column to the matrix
2. adding a row to the matrix
3. adding a row and a column to the matrix
4. adding a column to all rows
5. adding a row to all columns
6. reordering rows and columns
Keymacro has a UI where you can drag and drop to add the operations to the key macros. Then you can copy paste the macro or save it as an xml file for future use.
Keymacro also has a feature where you can choose the output xml (either phonetic or string, binary or text, etc…)
Input of the distance matrix:
1 row
2 columns (5 rows per matrix)

OUTPUT of the distance matrix: