With the help of Amaya you can create websites using rich features for creating and updating documents. It primarily appeals to users with limited or no experience in web design.
The app features a “what you see is what you get” interface, divided into multiple panes for applying elements, classes, attributes and special characters, aside from the main workspace area.
It offers support for HTML elements (e.g. heading, numbered lists, text effects, tables), mathematical symbols (e.g. square root, inclusion, matrix), standard drawing tools (e.g. line, shape, image), databases, XML, and WebDAV.
You can split the view into design and edit mode, switch to full screen, use a search function, edit CSS, ask Amaya to check the spelling and clean up the code, change the document type, add or update the table of contents, as well as set namespace declarations and annotations, among many other options. Help documentation is available to help you along the way.
Amaya supports keyboard shortcuts and has a good response time, using low system resources. We have not come across any issues in our tests, since the program did not hang, crash or show error dialogs. All in all, Amaya gives novice users the possibility of creating standard web sites using simple and intuitive tools.







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“Amaya Cracked Version is a web design and web development suite written in C++. It was originally developed by Web Constraint, a subsidiary of the same company that owns Amaya, to create web sites using drag-and-drop features. This is the multi-platform, multi-user version, available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems.”
“You can use Amaya to create and update documents, websites, or web applications.”
“Amaya will not take more than a few minutes to learn, use, and add to your workflow, and it will not take long at all to learn how to use it in design or development mode. The drag-and-drop feature will appeal to anybody who is familiar with the word processor applications he or she uses. Amaya is the best solution for creating and editing XHTML 1.0 web pages.”

“One feature most web designers appreciate is the ability to design sites using a web page browser without the need for an FTP client or a server. Amaya can be installed, configured and run as a web page browser that can be used to create and update XHTML 1.0 pages and documents.”

“Amaya is intended as an easy-to-use, web-based multi-user web development application. Like other products designed by Web Constraint, Amaya is designed for rapid creation and editing of web documents. Amaya can be used for design and development without access to a web server. After initial configuration, Amaya will work independently from any web server.”

“Amaya is fully browser-based, so there is no installation, configuration or updates necessary. This makes it easy to use.”

“Amaya can edit web pages directly on the web, allowing you to edit individual documents and collaborate on the same documents with others.”

“Amaya can be controlled via your mouse. Drag-and-drop panels are used for adding content to, editing content in and editing style sheets for documents.”

“You can select a web browser window and work with that window as if the document were open in that window. You can navigate through the document window using the Back, Forward and Refresh buttons.”

*You can use the “Enter” key to jump to the next dialog box, or “Tab” for the previous one.

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Create web sites and pages with this easy to use software. The results are amazing, as is the user interface.
With the power of HTML, you can create beautiful websites. Write some text, drag and drop the text and put it on the canvas. You can also draw graphics, insert shapes, hyperlinks, and even tables.

Our first impression of Amaya was pleasant. As the name says, it’s a free software dedicated to web design. The interface is obviously minimalist with the usual icons, dialog windows, and a working area.
The first step is to create a basic document. When you do so, it opens the window where you can either create a new document or import an already made document.
Creating a document is an easy process with this software, as you just have to click on the document icon on the desktop and select “Create a new document”. The next window allows you to set the main options of the document. You just have to set the title, the folder in which to save the document, the language of the document (to be used in menus and everywhere else) and the target of the document, which are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Chrome.
When the document is created, you will see a list with all the elements that can be inserted in the document. Drag and drop to create your web page as you normally would do in a desktop editor.
Design mode lets you use the usual HTML elements like headings, images, text layers, and even tables. For example, you can add a table containing rows and columns.
One of the key features of Amaya is the fact that you can use mathematical symbols like fractions, trigonometry, and complex numbers.
You can also insert images, insert links to other sites, and upload images to the server from the program’s own gallery.
Besides the web, Amaya works with XML, which is a common format for describing documents. You can create documents in this format, which you can then import into Amaya. To import a document, you just have to select “Import file” on the icon on the desktop. Then, you just have to select the XML document.

Gaspite is a document management software for Windows. Its intuitive, flexible and easy to use features let you manage files, folders and drives in a very flexible way. It has been written in Delphi for over 10 years and it is maintained with the latest technological features. Gaspite

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Amaya helps you create websites by simplifying web page design. The interface is divided into a workspace area and a preview pane, so that you can work on your page without having to view the result on the screen. You can use the Paste Property to place various features in your document directly from your clipboard. If you keep your eyes on the preview pane you can follow the changing content of the page while Amaya saves it for you.
Amaya is more than a simple document creator: it is a powerful tool for creating web pages by combining HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can build tables, embed XML, display photographs or drawings and even download files from the web via WebDAV. In addition to the basic components of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Amaya supports JavaScript functions for working with XML or creating animation effects. A powerful editor lets you enter your code without limitations. The program will find spelling mistakes and even clean up the code for you. In its user interface, Amaya has a rich set of options for the programming language, as well as a set of tools for managing content on the web page.

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What’s New In?

Amaya is an all-in-one tool for editing HTML documents. It offers sophisticated editing facilities and a powerful set of inbuilt tools, creating your new web pages without having to use any HTML and CSS knowledge.

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System Requirements:

DirectX 11:
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-4130 (3.3GHz) or AMD Phenom II X4 955
Memory: 8GB
Video: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 650 Ti or AMD Radeon HD 7870
Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Minimum specs will be the same for all DLC, when it comes out on day of release.
Recommended specs will be the same for all