aSc TimeTables is a Windows utility built specifically for helping you design professional school timetables that can be customized in terms of subjects, classes, classrooms, teachers, and lessons.
User-friendly layout
Although it comes packed with many dedicated parameters, the GUI is clean and straightforward. Plus, rookies are offered step-by-step assistance for creating a timetable from scratch.
Create a new timetable
A new timetable can be shaped by giving details about the school (name, academic year, registration name), and specifying the number of days, periods per day and bell times. What’s more, you can design a multi-week timetable that is different for each week or term.
Furthermore, you can add subjects by entering the title and short description, picking the color, and assigning subjects for different classrooms, as well as providing information about lessons (teacher, subjects, class), and insert additional constraints for homework preparation time, the length for teacher’s contract and maximum number of students for a lesson.
Add general info and carry out tests
aSc TimeTables offers users the possibility to give information about classes, classrooms, and teachers, and perform tests to check for possible errors in the timetables.
Exporting options
Plus, the application allows you to print the generated timetables, import the information from the Clipboard or XML file format, as well as export it to HTML, XML, or other formats compatible with mobile devices, as well as send the timetable by email with your default client.
Manage seminars and generate statistics
Last but not least, you can arrange students in seminar groups, specify the maximum number of students for certain seminar lessons, view statistics about the total number of teachers, classes, cards, and windows, perform searches throughout the entire database, as well as change the background color of the timetable.
An overall efficient timetable creator
All things considered, aSc TimeTables provides an intuitive working environment and comes packed with many useful features for helping you design timetables.







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Subj.: A scheduling tool with GUI for defining the classroom activity timetable
Version: 1.0 Build Date: 20.12.2014
App: Windows
App Size: 8.5 Mb
Category: Education
Price: Free
Author: Maikon Technology GmbH
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★ Create a clean and simple timetable with one click
★ Manage multi-week, single-week and term timetables
★ Assign subjects to teachers
★ Print timetables
★ Import and export data
★ Export to multiple formats and email by default
★★★★★ Free version and registration for 100 schools
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ASc TimeTables 1.5.4 With Serial Key For PC

Unlike other timetable design utilities, aSc TimeTables is specifically made for schools with static or modular timetables and provide functionalities that make it easier for users to do their job without distractions and delays.
Whether your school offers fixed or modular timetables, aSc TimeTables will help you design an efficient timetable that is easy to manage and ready to print.
CAD Designs For Schools Teacher
CAD Designs For Schools Student
aSc TimeTables Features:
• Easy to use interface
• Create professional school timetables
• Add subjects and individual classrooms
• Constraints for lessons, homework, and breaks
• Generate timetables in different formats
• Print, email, and mobile-ready
• Add subjects and individual classrooms
• Constraints for lessons, homework, and breaks
• Create a multi-week timetable
• Assign subjects to classrooms
• Handle different subjects
• Generate timetable in any format
• Very user friendly
• Easy to design a timetable by changing constraints
• Generate a timetable for any fixed or modular timetable
• Add modules and subjects for transfer credit
• Editable constraints
• Convert from Batch to 1-week to 1-day to 0-hour limits
• Perform tests
• Import and export information in formats such as XML
• Create timetable in PDF format
• Export timetable in formats including HTML, XML, CSV, and others
• Keep everything organized and ready to print
• Make any table editable and instantly available for the print
• Manage seminars and generate statistics
• Difficult for beginner students
• Map to visualize timetables
• Use Semantic-grid to visualize timetable
• Import timetable from Clipboard
• Change the background color of timetable
• Support template switch
• Add a unique holiday
• Export timetable to mobile device
• Drag and drop between 2 views
• Simple to use
• Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10
• Free

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using namespace std;

What’s New In?

# A professional Windows utility for students, teachers, and parents that helps you design timetables for courses or schools in a consistent, effective manner.
# You can easily design a timetable for a new academic year with a new academic year.
# A new school timetable can be carried out step by step with a simple user interface that will guide you step-by-step.
# You can insert a description, a timetable, teachers, classrooms, a teacher’s contract, and others.
# You can categorize, sort, and merge classes, teachers, and other timetable entries.
# Different types of timetable (long, term, and multi-week timetable) can be created with different types of periods.
# You can easily adjust a timetable for exams and evaluate exams, so you can design an efficient and effective timetable for students.
# You can share a timetable and even send a timetable by email.
# You can also store a timetable in a Clipping Board so you can edit it later.
# You can easily format a timetable with a simple color-changing component.
# You can perform random tests and check for possible errors.
# You can arrange courses in groups.
# You can view statistics for teachers, teachers, and hours.
# The application comes with a database that is updated and modified for every week of the academic year.
# You can create a timetable in any format or window size that you want.
# You can export your timetable into various formats that can be saved, emailed, or imported into the app.

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System Requirements For ASc TimeTables:

Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: i3 or faster
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 15 GB free space
Installation: Disk image available here.
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