ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension) was designed to be an extension for Fiddler2. Fiddler2 is an HTTP debugging proxy application that runs alongside Internet Explorer and helps to analyze HTTP traffic.
The ASP.NET ViewState Helper Fiddler Extension is an extension that adds the ability to decode the ViewState on the selected page and display it in plain text. It works with the ViewState from v1.0, v1.1 and v2.0 webforms.


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ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension) Crack + PC/Windows (Updated 2022)

ASP.NET ViewState Helper supports Internet Explorer and Fiddler. It was designed for webmasters to quickly decode and analyze ASP.NET ViewState. It doesn’t work with WebMatrix. It doesn’t work with.NET 3.5. Because it was designed to work with the default.NET Framework of 3.0 or above, it might not work with Mono. However, in theory it should work with Mono.
ASP.NET ViewState Helper doesn’t work with ASP.NET Ajax request. ASP.NET Ajax has already been decoded.
It’s easy to install the Fiddler Extension on the Fiddler.NET

ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension) Features:

It can be used with Fiddler.
It can be used without the Fiddler Internet Explorer address bar and Fiddler tool bar.
It can be used to decode the ViewState from the page that you are viewing.
It can be used to decode the ViewState and view it in plain text.
It supports IE 8, IE 9, IE 10 and IE 11.

Install Microsoft ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension)

ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension) Requirements:

Internet Explorer version 7.0 or above
Fiddler 2
Fiddler Internet Explorer Add-on (for Internet Explorer)


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ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension) Free [Win/Mac] [March-2022]

The ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension) adds the ability to
decode the ViewState from the selected page and display it in plain
text, including any encrypted data associated with it.

How to Install:

Download the ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension) from:
Extract the files from the ZIP file to your ‘Extensions’ folder.
You can then start the ‘ViewState Helper’ by opening Fiddler and opening a new session.
The ViewState Helper should now be listed in the ‘Extensions’ menu on Fiddler

How to Use:

Open any.aspx or.ascx page and click the ‘View State’ link. If you are on a v2.0 page, then click the ‘View State’ link above the Submit button
The raw view state will be displayed in plain text – you can use any text editor to edit the ViewState if needed
You can select any of the ViewState headers to be sent and edited


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ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension) Crack+ License Keygen

The ViewState Helper for Fiddler2 was designed to be an extension for Fiddler2. Fiddler2 is an HTTP debugging proxy application that runs alongside Internet Explorer and helps to analyze HTTP traffic.

Once installed, the ViewState Helper for Fiddler2 displays the contents of the ViewState, i.e., the ViewState includes the different HTTP headers necessary to render the page properly, and the form data, as it has been sent to the server.

Using the ViewState Helper for Fiddler2, you can view and analyze the ViewState of all the pages that are viewable in Fiddler2.


View the ViewState of all the pages that are viewable in Fiddler2.
View the form data and the HTTP headers of all the pages that are viewable in Fiddler2.

For more information, visit


Just write this code in Application_Start
ViewStateEncryptionMode = System.Web.UI.WebControls.ViewStateEncryptionMode.Always

Also find the following property for viewstate security

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What’s New in the ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension)?

The ASP.NET ViewState Helper can decode the ViewState of an ASP.NET webforms page and display it in plain text. It works with the ViewState from v1.0, v1.1 and v2.0 webforms. It can also detect the PostData used with and display it as well.
ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension) Downloads:

** Note: this is for the original (v1.0, v1.1, v2.0) version. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for v2.5 yet, but you can use Fiddler2 instead (which works with v2.5) instead of the ASP.NET ViewState Helper.

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System Requirements For ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension):

minimum specs:
– NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
– 2 GB of VRAM
– Windows 7 64-bit
– Windows 7 64-bit Notes:
The game was tested on a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 with 2 GB of VRAM. The game ran at 30 FPS, and the game had no issues with my graphic card.
It was also tested on Windows 7 64-bit.
A copy of the game was provided by the publisher.
1. Copy the installation files from