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Why is my post-apocalyptic animated-film story so far off?

So I had the idea for a story where a group of people were left in a post-apocalyptic world as it was destroyed by some worldwide catastrophe. What I’m trying to do is to write it in a futuristic time where the apocalypse already happened. So far I have:

A city is in chaos as war erupts between rival factions
Factions believe technology is the source of the chaos

There is a group of eight people (4 men, 4 women) who have survived the apocalypse and are seeking refuge inside a building. And they encounter a new threat inside the building

The building is actually a refugee camp for the survivors of the apocalypse. It is being run by the survivors themselves.
The building is not the most secure place, but it seems to be the best place to survive and protect themselves from the threat.

The building is old and decaying, yet it seems to have some sort of power. It’s unclear what the “power” is, it may have been an ancient technology, a psychic force or a sort of living entity.
The building appears to be unique and to be the only refuge for people who survived the apocalypse.

The eight people I am writing about are super-human and genetically engineered, and they are traveling in a broken-down car

They encounter a man who is strange and is wearing clothes that are somehow related to the building they are staying in.
The group eventually moves inside and encounters a frightening and powerful creature that has been lying dormant for thousands of years.
The creature is actually the last of its species, and its species is actually a hybrid of another living species.

The creature is called a Guardian, and they are meant to have been guarding the building, possibly the refugees, or possibly both. The creature is incredibly fast, but is very fragile and can not go out.

In the end of the story, the survivors of the apocalypse have to leave the building because of a new threat that is approaching.
I’d like some feedback on my story. I have a lot of ideas and they are mostly not-yet-finished stories that I’ll probably finish over the next few weeks.