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Nowadays, AutoCAD is marketed as an engineering design software application used by engineers, architects, and other professionals. AutoCAD’s functionality and user interface have expanded since its original release. As the software has evolved, so have the people who use it, bringing in new demands, markets and needs. As a result of this expansion, AutoCAD has evolved from a simple drafting program to a full-featured engineering design application, supporting industry standards and applications.


As an engineering design software application, AutoCAD is designed to help engineers, architects and other professionals create and edit 2D and 3D drawings. AutoCAD is a multi-user, multi-platform application for Microsoft Windows and macOS platforms, and a mobile app. AutoCAD’s 2D and 3D features are available on the desktop, mobile apps, or web portal.


On the desktop, AutoCAD is available as AutoCAD LT, Autodesk Civil 3D and Autodesk AutoCAD 2018, which have separate licensing. For collaboration and sharing, the desktop app also offers the ability to integrate with cloud file storage services, such as Dropbox and


AutoCAD’s cloud features enable users to work on drawings and share them with others. Connected to the cloud, they can be accessed, edited, and shared with other users at any time and from any place. To view the cloud storage, users can log in using their Autodesk ID and password. Additionally, shared drawings are stored in the cloud as well.


The cloud features of AutoCAD are connected to a server using a workgroup. A workgroup is a collection of computers used by a single company or organization. Within a workgroup, users can collaborate on a shared drawing or application file, view and edit the file at any time and from any location.

Autodesk also provides licensing for stand-alone users and unlimited users at no additional cost with AutoCAD 2018 (same as product’s LT and 3D). Additionally, for multiple registered users, Autodesk provides a family plan, allowing users to share a single Autodesk ID.


With AutoCAD’s 2D functionality, users can draw plans, sections, elevations, and other 2D drawings. The 2D functionality supports the following features:


Creating a 2D drawing

2D Dood

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External XML Drawing file
X-Tension Definition Manager (XDM)

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I have a function in scala, and it seems to be type-incompatible.
Here is the function:
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listener.eventType = null

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I have created a custom menu for the primary navigation of my WordPress website.
My code is as follows:
function custom_primary_menu() {
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The menu is displayed correctly but I cannot make it appear as a normal menu (dropdown on hover). How can I achieve this?


You can use wp_nav_menu_child in place of wp_nav_menu

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What’s New in the?

Additional improvements to the Import and Markup Assist feature. Design more intuitively.

Note: Inserting symbols and custom elements is not supported.


The Mesh feature expands on 3D model data exchange, allowing you to create custom model data, which can be exported to other applications and used in the creation of new models.

Use the 3D Mesh Wizard to insert 3D Mesh data from a variety of sources including 3D Warehouse and Autodesk 360.

Note: Export to a Mesh format is not supported. You can save data to a file in the native Mesh format for import into other 3D tools.

Increased display fidelity in your drawings.

Create and manage your 3D models from your 3D workspace.

A single 3D window supports the creation, editing, and rendering of multiple models.

Improved alignment performance.

Drafting and plotting:

Use full page view to zoom in and out without changing the drawing scale. (video: 2:30 min.)

Now you can plot a path as a dashed line.

You can now set a plot scale based on the size of your reference image.

You can now select existing text.

You can now copy from the clipboard and paste it to the drawing.

You can now lock blocks, snap points, and selection handles.

Ink and marker drawings:

Add and edit ink and marker symbols. Use these symbols for drawing tools to create hand-drawn designs, such as calligraphy or patterns.

Ink symbols are easy to add to the drawing.

You can select a range of shapes from the outline to create new ink symbols.

You can create symbols for tooltips and special drawings.

You can create and apply style to ink symbols.

You can create your own custom ink symbols.

You can annotate designs with specialized symbols.

You can view ink styles or analyze ink color.

You can export ink symbols to a PDF or PNG file.

You can insert, copy, or cut ink symbols.

Ink styles are now in the drawing workspace.

Note: Editing ink drawing tool properties is not supported.

You can place a single ink object on multiple pages.

System Requirements:

Memory: 8GB RAM
Minimum 2.5GB RAM will run the game.
20% CPU recommended
CPU: AMD Quad-Core
Intel Dual Core
Intel Pentium Dual Core
NVIDIA Quad-Core
AMD Quad-Core
Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OSX
Minimum Requirements:
Processor: Intel Core i3
Processor: AMD Phenom II
Processor: AMD FX
Processor: AMD Athlon