Class name

A class name determines what kind of attributes you can access on an object. These attributes include a name, a color, and data type (float, int, char, string, etc.).

The use of this component affects all subsequent scripts. Although you can change the component, all scripts (add-ons, components) are affected. If you want to change only this component, be aware 99d5d0dfd0

KillWin will make that happen.

Author’s review

Version 2.0.12

KillWin is a utility, created by Matias Biem, that terminates Windows without a mouse or keyboard, by overriding the Start command. This is handy if your computer is failing, due to viruses, or you have a limited hardware configuration, etc.
As a result, this process is not ideal for day-to-day use as there are some risks to data loss,