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david lorimer cdm nis bwThe GT Sport Concept was first introduced in Frankfurt, and it was evident that Honda already had a fully developed plan for a new concept version of the Civic Type R. And it looks like the next iteration of this unique Civic Type R will include some of the interesting technology showcased at Frankfurt.

As you can see from the image below, the concept features the Sportscar concept which was introduced in Frankfurt, and it is a fully functional prototype.

There are many more images below, but as you can see, the Sportscar concept is truly a fully functional prototype as you can see from the images below.

Source: Top Gear

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Is it possible to set a time duration in an ORMLite query?

I’d like to run a query like
select * from table where username=… and DateTime > :timeStamp


:timeStamp is a parameter, a time duration.
DateTime is a Java.sql.Date or similar

Is there any way to do this using ORMLite? Or do I have to run the query as:
select * from table where username=… and DateTime > :timeStamp


There is nothing in ORMLite that would allow you to pass in a raw SQL statement with parameters. However, you could write a function that returns the SQL and uses your preferred SQL library to execute the function.
Using the provided library, you can even use the SQLite parameters (there are also many other libraries that can handle SQLite):
@DatabaseTable(tableName = “users”)
public class User {
@DatabaseField(generatedId = true)
private long id;
@DatabaseField(columnName = “username”)
private String username;
@DatabaseField(generatedId = true)
private DateTime createdOn;


private static void createTable(SQLiteDatabase database, DatabaseHelper helper) {
String sql = “create table users(username varchar, created_at datetime)”;


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