Channelger is a simple to use tool that enables you to create and edit ProgDVB, DVBDream and Enigma2 channel lists.
In addition to personalizing your lists you can also import data from the Internet or convert the favorite list to other formats.







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* Create new channel lists (prog, dvb, dream and enigma2)
* Edit channel lists
* Import data from the Internet
* Export to other formats
* Converter of favorite lists
Please see the install instructions to configure channelger and run it properly.

LazyFace is a free PVR client for linux. This application aims to make the use of DVB-T on TV-sets as simple as possible.
LazyFace describes itself as:
“A TV-PVR client, which handles your DVB-T cards like a piece of software.

The PVR-capabilities are similar to those of MythTV, or other TV-recording-appliances.
There is no installation required and it’s simply integrated in your gnome desktop.
The interface is similar to those of other popular PVR-clients. is the internet frontend for channelger, which has been designed to let you create, edit and view progdvb,dvbdream and enigma2 channels lists.

Run it in the following way, to get the web interface.

1. Enter to see the interface

2. Click the “Open the web interface” button to see the web interface.

3. Click “Add channel” to create a new channel list.

4. Click “edit channel list” to edit the channel list.

5. Click “Import list” to import data from the internet

6. Click “Export list” to export the channel list as a favorite list in the format of “prog,dvb,dream,enigma2”

8. Click “Convert list” to convert the channel list to the format of “prog,dvb,dream,enigma2”

Install channelger and lazyface on debian (squeeze, jessie)

dpkg -i channelger_0.1.2-1_amd64.deb

apt-get install lazyface-control-0.2.2-1_amd64.deb

Starting channelger


0.1.2 – fix a bug and improve the help

0.1.1 – remove the program itself from the snap package

0.1.0 – only show the

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Version 2.7+ supports the following channel formats:
ProgDVB: ProgDVB-x.y (x.y = program number, usually a single digit number).
DVBDream: Dream, Dream+, Open Dream and Open Dream+.
Enigma2: Enigma2-x.y
The following additional formats are also supported:
* DVB-S: DVB-S-x.y (x.y = station number in a channel (e.g. 011 for STB0111)
* DVB-T: DVB-T-x.y (x.y = station number in a channel (e.g. 011 for STB0111)
* DVB-C: DVB-C-x.y (x.y = channel number in a frequency (e.g. 01 for freq. 010797)
* DVB-S2: DVB-S2-x.y (x.y = station number in a channel)
* DVB-C2: DVB-C2-x.y (x.y = channel number in a frequency)
* DVB-T2: DVB-T2-x.y (x.y = station number in a channel)
* DVB-C3: DVB-C3-x.y (x.y = channel number in a frequency)
* DVB-C4: DVB-C4-x.y (x.y = channel number in a frequency)
* DVB-S-S2: DVB-S-S2-x.y (x.y = station number in a channel)
* DVB-T-S2: DVB-T-S2-x.y (x.y = station number in a channel)
* DVB-C-S2: DVB-C-S2-x.y (x.y = channel number in a frequency)
* DVB-C-T2: DVB-C-T2-x.y (x.y = channel number in a frequency)
* DVB-C-S3: DVB-C-S3-x.y (x.y = channel number in a frequency)
* DVB-S-S3: DVB-S-S3-x.y

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What’s New in the?

Channelgers uses a simple and intuitive interface. You can use it to make channels, organize them by
stations, and assign key filters to groups of channels in order to create and maintain your channel lists.
This is perfect for homescreens, and can also be used as a channel finder on the web.
Channelgers can automatically convert your favorite channel lists into many other formats, including enigma2,
dvbdream, and ProgDVB. You can import channel lists directly from the internet, and save these to your disk.





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