ConsoleX is a handy, easy to use, very versatile console designed from the idea of the two most powerful consoles yet which run on different operating systems. One of which is Linux, this console can perform lots of neat things like network administration and more.
Now ConsoleX can do all this and more. With a mixture of plugins you can turn this simple console application in to a powerful network administration panel.









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The KEYMACRO enables the user to enter single or multiple keywords (URLs, hostnames, IPs, etc.) to launch system actions or perform system-wide configuration changes. The keywords can be saved and re-used in future sessions.
The user can assign commands to different keys to minimize key strokes and the application’s design allows to execute them with a simple keystroke.
When assigned a command it will be saved in the session’s command queue for later execution or you can delete it from the queue as well.
Plugins Description:
The plugins come with ConsoleX and are provided as separate files to be loaded. The plugins contain functionality which is not part of ConsoleX. This functionality can be used by the user or the plugin developer.
Plugins can be loaded in 2 ways: they can be loaded statically by a line of code or they can be loaded dynamically by an attribute.
The plugins can be used without loading the plugins into a session. These are called Unlocked plugins. All plugins loaded in a session are Locked. Locked plugins can only be used with a session. They are not loaded to the system. This means they can’t be removed from the system without unloading them.
Default Keymap:
The standard keymap was designed for easy text entry and scanning of a document. Most of the console’s functions are available on this keymap. You can also define your own keymaps.
– Main Menu:
The main menu is the default keymap which opens on start. It is also used to activate the lockscreen.
–> Exit:
The key used to exit from the application.
–> Pause:
The key used to pause the application.
–> Play:
The key used to start playing audio.
–> Pause Play:
The key used to pause and then start playing.
–> Stop:
The key used to stop the application.
–> Rewind:
The key used to rewind the current playing position.
–> Fast Forward:
The key used to fast forward the current playing position.
–> Exit:
The key used to exit from the application.
–> Toggle Captions:
The key used to toggle the captions.
–> Next:
The key used to move to the next track.
–> Previous:
The key used to move to the previous track.
–> Volume Up:
The key used to raise the current volume by

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What’s New In?

ConsoleX is an onscreen console for the Linux operating system, it is a direct clone of DOS’s old TN3270 terminal which is a popular terminal used by technicians to access computers on the internet. The console allows you to make changes to a machine’s local area network settings, thus allowing you to configure several computers at the same time.

ConsoleX can run on the linux operating system, and allows the user to run commands and other programs. The best way to use the console is to know how to type, and use your keyboard.


ConsoleX is designed to be a versatile console that will allow the user to carry out many tasks. The primary goal of this project was to create an onscreen terminal that will allow the user to simply use the keyboard to type commands and other programs. But what does this really mean?

ConsoleX allows the user to connect to the internet through the terminal. This means that the user can use the internet on any computer. This is very important if the computer does not have a built in modem/router/firewall/internet access. Now your computer is just a front-end terminal for the console, the terminal itself does all the work.

As long as you know how to type, you can use ConsoleX to perform internet tasks and more. For example, you can surf the web, upload/download files, and more. You can also edit the files on the computer and also edit the settings for programs on the computer.

ConsoleX is not just a terminal, it is more of a panel which runs programs for you. For example, you can easily connect to the internet, control the LAN, and more. You can also use the console to configure some programs on the computer. For example, if you want to edit the web browser, you can do that by clicking the web browser that is on the screen.

Configuration Panel:

When you first start the console, you will be asked to name your computer. When you click the name, you will go to the configuration panel. You can choose the type of computer you are running ConsoleX on, the type of operating system, and if you want to use a proxy.

If you use a proxy, you are connecting to a proxy server that is on the internet. The proxy server is a server that allows you to access the internet from another computer. For example, if you are on the road, and you want to get on the internet through another computer, then you can use a proxy server.

When you connect to the internet through a proxy server, you will connect to the internet as if you were a computer that is at a local area network. The proxy server will be in between your computer and the internet. For example, when you type into your web browser, the internet will see that the request is coming from the proxy server

System Requirements For ConsoleX:

Program Compatibility:
Operating System: Windows (Mac OS X compatible)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.0 GHz or faster)
Memory: 2 GB of RAM
Graphics: 32-bit DirectX 8.1-compatible graphics card with a monitor resolution of 1280×720
Hard Drive: 40 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 8.1-compatible sound card with a minimum of two channels and support for DirectSound or ASIO drivers
Cameras: DirectX 8.1-compatible camera with a resolution of