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A financial modeling and analysis program, designed to model your portfolio or other financial instruments over time.
Uses the third party ZedGraph charting control and binary assembly distribution is included.
Implemented financial modeling of assets, liabilities, equity and then accounts.
Included margin accounts, derivatives, a simplified means of cash management and accounting.
Easy to use interface and logical naming.
Allows switching of visualization methods on a per-project basis.
Includes functions for plotting graphs, analyzing financial statements and distributing dividends.
The diagrams are not your typical, line and bar chart. I wanted more in-depth, more realistic look at our instruments. It is very much a stylistic change from the standard financial presentation software. I am a firm advocate of open-source. The entire design is open to review.
Plot features:
Image Map
Option to Display Rows/Columns from a Range
Multiple plot styles
Freehand lines
Freehand paths
Freehand curves
Multiple sets of lines
Default image map
Reusable image map
Freehand text
Single string text
Pattern text
Multiple character strings
Gradient background
Lines and curves
Overlaid lines
3D style graphs
Relative coordinates
Scrollable / Resizable plot area
Gantt bars
Arc Gantt bars
Freehand bars
Bubble chart
Bubble size
Pie chart
Single segment pie
Pie slice and arc
Pie map
Configurable View
Optional report template

The Continuum application was designed to be an open-source financial modeling and simulation program written in C# 2.0 Winforms. This program is intended to model your primary financial instruments over time.
Although i intend to emphasise personal finance modeling, it has room for growth into larger macro financial simulations. It uses the third party ZedGraph charting control, and their binary assembly distribution is included.
It uses the concepts of Funds and Actors and Historical Balances to render financial projections. The focus of this project is not necessarily on strict mathmatical precision, but rather to allow easy modeling and analysis at variable Levels Of Detail. The more detail you provide, the more accurate it will become.
Continuum Description:
A financial modeling and analysis program, designed to model your portfolio or other financial instruments over time.
Uses the third party ZedGraph charting control and binary assembly distribution

Continuum 1.2.0 Crack

Continuum helps you to model your financial position over time, and calculate your cashflow, pension calculations or cash management.
Our software is used in Europe, Asia and across North America, and has been developed using over 12 years experience as a financial modeler, and has been used in a number of environments.

You may be able to find similar software by searching our site.

While most financial tools are online, almost all of them have an offline component that is considerably more user friendly. To find out more visit the Continuum website.Low-dose somatostatin-receptor scintigraphy in the diagnosis of carcinoid syndrome.
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Continuum 1.2.0

This is a Stock and Bond based simulation. It has stocks, bonds, time, custom formulas, asset types, currencies and trades.


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What’s New in the?

Continuum Financial Simulation allows you to manipulate financial instruments over time, as well as providing a window into the design behind the user interface.
You can model your financial instruments using cash flows and balance sheets. You can also view snapshots of the financial information at any time, or view it in the more traditional spreadsheets where you can move backwards and forwards in time with your model.
Funds represent the balance sheets of the assets and liabilities of an individual’s portfolio. You can manipulate these balances, as well as any cash flows, and see how your actions will affect the performance of your portfolio.
Funds can be used to model assets such as stocks, bonds, cash, and currencies. You can also create your own custom assets. You can make your assets “deposit” assets, which work like regular funds, but can be automatically deposited to a special account for the purpose of taxes.
In the end, you can analyse the results of your portfolio using multiple levels of Detail or “LODs” to gain greater understanding.
Actors represent the cash inflows and outflows of your portfolio. You can make cash flows directly to or from your funds, or use an Actors to represent more complicated cash flows like mortgages, business loans, or foreign exchange.
You can model very detailed scenarios where the user can choose which taxes are applied, what periods of time to cut off their cash flow chart, and how much loss they wish to suffer.
Continuum Features:
Feature 1. Objects for Asset, Liability, and Equity Modelling

There is an asset list which contains the available assets. You can add any Asset on the list, by clicking it, and name it. If you define a custom asset, then it will not show in the list.

Once you’ve created an asset, you can double click it to enter the asset profile.
This profile will be similar to the typical object properties window (if you are familiar with VB6 then you will feel at home), but you can only access it for the asset in question.

You can add multiple assets, and connect them to form a “scaled” asset like a stock. You can either create a LOD that will display the scaled asset, or if you want to include the various scaled assets in your portfolio analysis you can use an Actor. You can also connect them to show their cash flows.

Feature 2. Convert Between Assets

You can add or subtract an asset from any other asset by

System Requirements For Continuum:

OS: Windows XP SP2 (SP3 or later) and Windows 7 SP1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300, 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: Intel GMA 950, 1.2 GB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Hard Drive: 1 GB free
Additional Notes:
The game will be installed on the following drive: %ProgramFiles%\Xplode\Xplode.exe
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