If you are looking for a way of providing online access your database, to display various types of information on customizable web pages, you may benefit from using Dataceptor.
It is a powerful application, designed to allow you to offer online access to various types of databases and read data using a wide array of devices. If you have Microsoft Excel installed on your system, you can also generate and view forms and graphical data charts.
Create web pages that display database information
Dataceptor can easily extract information from ODBC compliant databases and display the data online.
You can create customized menus and forms, as well as generate various types of lists, graphs and charts. The application offers numerous chart templates, including column, horizontal bars, line, pie and trend line.
Additionally, you can limit user access to certain menus or forms. This allows you, for example, to create portals that display different levels of information to customers or administrators. Accounts can be password-protected and organized into user groups.
Because the created website can be opened with an Internet browser, it is possible to access the information from a wide array of devices.
Supports numerous database types
Dataceptor can work with multiple database systems, provided they support reading through ODBC. These include Navision, Dynamics, Axapta, Sage, C5, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access and many others.
Lacks adequate documentation
The application offers a wide array of functions, intended to help you present data from a database online or on an internal network. It is designed to be intuitive and allow inexperienced users, who lack programming knowledge, to create web pages. However, it offers almost no documentation, making it somewhat difficult to use.
Overall, Dataceptor is a comprehensive tool that can help you offer online access to a database of your choice. It includes numerous features, but only offers basic documentation, limiting its usability.

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With Dataceptor Crack Keygen you can easily create forms and menus, for accessing data. The application is designed to enable the data to be accessed using a wide range of devices, including desktop computers and mobile devices.
On any page you can easily create and use drop-down menus. With such menus you can present information in a specific format. This way, the information is presented in a way that is most convenient for the user.
Dataceptor Cracked 2022 Latest Version allows you to provide online access to different types of databases. Using ODBC, it is possible to read data from Navision, Dynamics, Axapta, Sage, C5, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access and many other database systems.
The application provides intuitive graphical menus, templates and tools to create web pages.
Using Dataceptor is easy. You can easily create and use graphical user interfaces for accessing information, as well as forms to allow customers to perform a specific task. You can also create and use sub-menus.
Unlike other programs, Dataceptor is simple to use. You can easily get started, using only the most basic tools.
Dataceptor does not require a computer scientist to operate. Even those who lack programming knowledge can easily use the application.
Dataceptor does not offer adequate documentation. You cannot use the program without getting involved in coding.
Dataceptor Review:
Dataceptor is a powerful tool that offers a wide array of features. However, it is somewhat difficult to use, due to the lack of documentation and basic features.
Create graphical menus and forms, using advanced coding tools, such as menus, popup menus and graphic editors. This allows you to quickly create user interfaces, using a wide array of themes, templates and tools.
You can easily access the database using ODBC. The application supports several database types, providing support for the most common and most important database systems.
Dataceptor can be used to create customized web pages for accessing the information in a database. You can easily generate a wide range of graphics, for example, bar graphs, lists, charts and many more.
You can also print documents and reports. This way, you can provide online access to important data.
Dataceptor can be used to create access portals that allow different levels of access to specific information. You can create user groups, that can be accessed through a login page, which allows you to separate access privileges.
With Dataceptor, you

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Keyboard Macro Commands:
When you record keystrokes, your data are recorded as macros. A series of macros enables you to perform complex operations on your data in a simple manner. So, the idea of the tool is to allow users to record their data and perform more complicated operations on the data, for example, copying the data to another location or merging the data to create a new file.
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KeyMacro requires Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
KeyMacro is only compatible with the Windows operating system.
The installation package includes both the keymacro application and the user manual.
The software is provided free of charge.
KeyMacro includes basic support and also provides a subscription program for additional support.

KeyMacro is available for free, without registration.
It is based on a subscription model. To use the software, you will need to register with KeyMacro,
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Subscription includes free updates, free technical support, technical assistance over the phone,
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KeyMacro was previously called KeyWorks. The product was re-released under the new name in June, 2008.
The old KeyWorks version is still available, but the old name is no longer in use.
The new KeyMacro is fully functional, but the former KeyWorks was not. The old version is no longer supported by its developer, and is no longer available.
Product Features:

KeyMacro is an easy-to-use and powerful tool which allows you to automate repetitive tasks and combine hundreds of keyboard macro commands into a single
KeyMacro creates multi-format macro files, including:
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Dataceptor is a feature rich tool for accessing SQL databases and displaying data on a web page.

Basic functionality
Extracts data from an ODBC compliant database.
Create menus and forms that display data
Display a variety of tables and charts.
Generate charts in a variety of formats.
Provides all-round solution for managing databases.
Microsoft Excel compatibility
Access to a wide range of data sources: Navision, Dynamics, Sage, C5, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access and many others.

It offers a variety of functions:
Menu/Form creation
Display data in tables
Display data in graphs
Create forms
Output data in a variety of formats
Design personalized pages
Password protection of accounts
User groups

The application is very easy to use. You need no experience with programming.

Additional features
Access to a wide range of databases
Easy-to-understand graphical interface
Generate data charts in a variety of formats
Create forms in a variety of formats
Design personalized pages
User and group accounts

The application lacks adequate documentation.

Version history

Key features

Menu/Form creation
You can create custom menus and forms that you can use to display data. You can save forms in the same way as you would save any other file.

Data extraction
You can access and display the data in several formats, including tables, graphs and charts.

Data transformation
Display data in tables, graphs and charts. This allows you to easily present the information in a way that is easily understood by both your customers and administrators.

Data output
You can generate the data in a variety of ways. You can use the inbuilt templates or design your own.

You can display data in forms. A form can be used to display the data in tables, graphs and charts, as well as in other ways.

User accounts
You can set up user accounts, which can be assigned specific menus and forms. You can also set up user groups, which are separated from each other and have access to different functions.

Password protection
You can control access to specific forms and menus. You can assign passwords to form or menu items.

Data charts
You can create data charts in a variety of formats. The charts can be created with in-built templates or you can design your own.

Data access
You can access a wide range of databases.

What’s New In Dataceptor?

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System Requirements For Dataceptor:

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