Excel documents are widely employed today, more-so in the business environment, as they allow users a quick and easy solution for recording and keeping track of various numerical data. As such, developers have created various tools to assist users in improving their results and Florencesoft DiffEngineX is one such program that allows one to compare two workbooks.
Compare differences between two worksheets
The application is compatible with almost all Excel formats, with the only exceptions being XLA and XLAM files that must be converted to XLS and XLSM documents first. Standard XLS items are supported, as are XLSX files; what's more, one can also compare multiple items from entire folders.
The program features a highly intuitive setup and newcomers will find it extremely easy to employ; results can be obtained with just a few mouse clicks, as, essentially, one needs only to define the source documents. No 'detective work' is necessary, as the entire process is automated and output reports are loaded into Excel for easy identification of matches and differences.
Can open protected items
Password-protected worksheets are also supported, although one does have to provide valid credentials to open documents. A notable feature is the ability to process individual sheets – this can be a highly useful option when dealing with particularly ample workbooks.
Few settings can be adjusted, among which one can choose to align source rows or columns, as well as to employ cell color highlighting. This ensures users do not accidentally miss any of the output results. Because output reports are automatically dumped into Excel, one can easily export projects to XLS formats, as well as issue printing commands.
An effective solution for comparing the data from two Excel files
To conclude, Florencesoft DiffEngineX is a valuable tool for anyone who regularly works with Excel spreadsheets. It allows its users to highlight differences between two source items, as well as to issue batch folder comparisons.







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Florencesoft DiffEngineX Serial Key is the ideal tool for Excel comparisons. This free program supports one to analyze source documents and check for differences. No ‘detective work’ is necessary, and the output report can be sorted in a way that is most convenient for users.
Full support for Excel XLSX/XLS/XLSM formats, Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013.
Excel 2007 or later version is required.
Integrated with WinExcell for easy conversion.
An ideal solution for Excel comparisons.
Simple tool for comparisons.
Equivalent to Excel Compare.
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Florencesoft DiffEngineX is a superb program which assists you to identify differences between two documents. To begin with, it is compatible with Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and users can choose the option to compare Excel 2007 files, as well as the XLSX format.
Furthermore, Florencesoft DiffEngineX is of great assistance, especially when it comes to comparing multiple files from entire folders. To ensure users do not need to go through unnecessary processes, one is required to simply select the documents that will be compared, then press the compare button to create results.
From there on, one can also choose to compare individual sheets, in addition to columns and rows. Moreover, report output can be saved in the Excel format that is required, and results can also be printed.
Additionally, the application supports password protection, and users can easily format output reports in their workbooks. Moreover, the program does not require ‘detective work’, as it is fully automated.
Florencesoft DiffEngineX Trial
Checking Excel files for differences can be challenging work, and Florencesoft DiffEngineX is an excellent

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