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■Draw new characters and assign them to specific keys.
■Customize the shape, color, size of the created symbols.
■Export your created symbols to PDF format.
■Create a keyboard layout using custom characters.
■Somewhat outdated interface, good usability.
■Easy to use for PC users with limited experience.
■Easy to set up and to use.
■Somewhat outdated technology.
■Two methods of creating your symbols.
■Only the symbols you have created are available to use, other symbols are not.
■Symbols are created from graph paper.
■Strictly ASCII characters.
■Only works with Windows 2000/XP.
■Slow execution speed.
■Free trial available.
■You can download the latest version via the website.Q:

React: What is the React “hooks” api?

I’m just starting out on React and I was wondering what the “hooks” api actually is. All I can find online are examples of using it, but nothing about why it’s there or how I might use it. Can someone explain?


The hooks API is an experimental part of the React documentation, which will be fully documented at some point.
For now, it’s very important to know that there is one hook API implemented by react library, while there are two custom hook API, which are used by React Native in both the mobx or the redux way of implementing state management.
So the first thing to understand is:

Are you using react-library or react-native?

As a rule of thumb, libraries are written with the hooks API, while Native Components can be written in the two separate ways.
Now, I mentioned that Native components are using the hooks API in the mobx or redux way of state management. These custom hooks should be used only if the library makes them available. So using react-modal outside of a react-library is an example of such custom hooks use, here the text component doesn’t make use of the hooks API, because it uses the library API directly (the classes mentioned in the API documentation:
// the title prop contains the props `title` and `subTitle`
export default withModal(
props => (


FullFonts Torrent Download is the tool that enables you to create custom symbols for any font type. This Java-based program turns characters you need into an editable icon. You can insert these images into your files and access them using several keyboard shortcuts, like Ctrl+Spacebar or F12 for Word or the Ctrl+J shortcut for other MS Office products.
Use the FullFonts trial version for 30 days and find out all the advantages of this program:
• The FullFonts symbol designer, which allows you to draw custom icons for any type of font.
• The FullFonts Export Wizard, a tool that saves you all the time you save by drawing symbols.
• FullFonts keyboard shortcuts that enable you to find any font.
• Symbol graphics imported from Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents.
• Custom symbols inserted into MS Office documents and combined with text.
More Info:

Free trial version download:

Reviews of FullFonts

FullFonts Features

Keyboard shortcuts for adding custom symbols to your documents

This is a Java-based application with a minimalistic and straightforward interface. It enables you to create new symbols and assign them to keys in the keyboard. This way, you can type whatever you need. You are even able to export your custom symbols to PDF.

Design custom symbols

In FullFonts, you can draw or choose existing symbols to edit them. With this program, you can draw straight lines, circles or rectangles. You can even enter dimensions and add labels. You can choose from many pre-made symbols, which include all the necessary fonts.

Insert custom symbols into your documents

Once you have finished designing a custom symbol, you can create shortcuts for it. By doing so, you can add symbols to your documents using a single keyboard key combination.

Create a new keyboard layout

FullFonts offers you the chance to create a new layout that can only be accessed via this program. You will not need to use any other tool.

Free trial version

This is a program that offers you access to its basic functions for a limited amount of time, but it is more than enough to enjoy all its advantages.


X-Font is a specialized font tool that increases the productivity of graphic designers


FullFonts is an interesting program that enables you to draw custom symbols and assign them to specific keys on your keyboard. With this utility, you can easily type whatever you need and then export it to PDF.
Design symbols and assign them to keys
Before going into the application’s word processing capabilities, we should mention its most distinctive feature, namely the symbol designer. With it, you can draw new characters and then insert them into your document with a single key press.
There are a few tools you can use to draw straight lines, circles or rectangles, and a helpful grid is available that makes it easier to create shapes. Once you have finished drawing, the program attempts to convert your work into a symbol, which you can fine-tune it in several ways.
Create a keyboard layout using custom characters
When designing a new symbol, you need to assign it to a specific key or key combination. Essentially, you can create a new keyboard layout that will only be available in this program, without affecting any other applications.
The word processor is quite easy to work with, though it does not offer a very extensive set of features. Once you have finished writing up a document, you can either print it, save it to an editable file or export it to PDF.
Somewhat outdated UI
FullFonts is a Java-based application, which is pretty clear when taking a look at the graphical user interface. It is not the best-looking piece of software out there, but its layout is relatively intuitive.
All in all, this program can prove to be very helpful if you frequently need to insert characters and symbols that are not available in any font pack. It enables you to create your own symbols and assign them to keyboard keys, thus making your job a lot easier.


You don’t need any additional software.
How do I create a custom keyboard layout in Ubuntu?

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What’s New in the?

FullFonts is a Java-based software, which enables you to draw new characters and assign them to a specific key. The application can then insert it. Designed specifically to add custom characters to MS Word, this tool saves you from having to resort to editing the original file and adding your symbols to the document manually. With this software, you can draw custom graphics, rectangles, circles and lines, which you can then insert in your document. The application can also convert your custom characters to key combinations and assign them to specific keys on your keyboard. Let’s see what the product has to offer.

Design and manipulate the appearance of fonts
Open the font library and choose the character you want to edit. While the font editor is not very sophisticated, you can make modifications to font shapes, weights, and sizes, which are very important when it comes to typography.
Draw a new character, apply some of the changes, test it out and repeat the procedure as many times as you need to reach the desired result. With the trial version, you can change the font shape, format and size of the text only for the duration of the trial period, but you can use it for as long as you want.
Use the symbols you’ve just drawn and insert them manually into the document
You can save all of your personal fonts in the program’s library, after which you can access it in a different application. To edit a document in the open editor, click on the Open button in the toolbar to open the file.
Multiple character formats and complex symbol styles are supported. To export the document to a PDF, you just need to switch to the Export tab and choose the desired format from the PDF section.
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System Requirements:

Windows® XP
Windows® 7
Windows® 8
PlayStation®4 computer system
CPU: 2.0 GHz or higher
Memory: 1.5 GB RAM
Graphics: Any graphic card that supports OpenGL 3.2 or higher
Storage: 2.5 GB available space
Sound Card: Compatible with Stereo Sound
HDD: 32 GB or more
Laptop or Desktop: 800 MB free disk space (Windows®)
Keyboard: Keyboard with “~” key,