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GeniusConnect Crack With Full Keygen Free For Windows (Updated 2022)

Once installed, GeniusConnect Cracked Version allows you to synchronize your Outlook folder with a database directly. This will prevent folder from being altered and will allow your data to be safe. If you have an update to your database, the application will allow you to synchronize changes from your database to your mail files.
The application allows you to define Conflict resolution rules, thus if two or more folders point to the same database, the program will allow you to pick one over the others.
The application will let you synchronize your files manually or on a schedule, so you won’t have to worry about changes in your database not being reflected on your Outlook folder.
A versatile application that will help you synchronize your folders with your databases.
Interface & Features:

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GeniusConnect Crack+ Activation [Win/Mac]

The GeniusConnect 2022 Crack add-in for Outlook allows you to synchronize Outlook items with SQL databases, though providing the ability to efficiently synchronize files and folders between Outlook and databases. You can also use it to import and export mappings between Outlook items and tables.

The program supports synchronizing multiple Outlook tables with a single SQL file, thus allowing you to back up your database and have it uploaded to a remote server or a remote database by using a single action. It can also be used to export data from a remote database, which is very useful if you lose data due to an administrator’s mistake.

This powerful Outlook-database synchronizing software tool offers an easy-to-use GUI with which you can synchronize data between your mailbox and a SQL database.

The program supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 through 2020, as well as Oracle 10g, 11g and 12c. Moreover, it can be integrated with most databases that offer ODBC support.


Synchronizes information, such as contacts, calendar entries, appointments, tasks, journal entries, etc., to a single SQL file.

Supports two-way synchronization between Microsoft Outlook and databases. You can import and export mappings between Outlook and tables.

Users can synchronize local files and folders, such as attachments, in order to import them into or export from databases.

The tool is compatible with most databases, as it supports ODBC technology, which allows you to easily integrate data from databases into other systems.

Support for multiple Outlook libraries, allowing you to synchronize a multiple number of databases at a time.

The software is fully featured and comes with auto-synchronization capabilities, in order to quickly synchronize data.

You can use it to import and export mapping configurations, which makes it much easier to synchronize specific items, such as Contacts, Tasks, or Journals.

The software can be easily integrated with Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.


Synchronizes Outlook items with database rows and columns.

You can import and export mapping configurations, thus allowing you to link Outlook items to database tables.

The synchronizing functionality is easy to use.

The support for multiple databases makes it compatible with a multitude of software.

You can easily export a generated SQL file to your mail client, if needed.

Automatic synchronization can be scheduled for future use

GeniusConnect Crack + (Latest)

GeniusConnect is a powerful and easy-to-use application that helps you synchronize Outlook items to SQL databases, safely. This add-on to Outlook can synchronize both your emails, contacts, calendars, journals, task lists and more, to a SQL database. It can even help you to migrate Outlook folders and files to a SQL database, in order to preserve existing data.
GeniusConnect is a very useful product, as it provides a powerful data synchronization tool, that you can use to maintain data consistency between your databases and Outlook.
Differences between SQL databases and other text based formats, such as JSON, CSV, XML, RTF, etc. often present themselves in the form of incompatibilities between the two systems. Data synchronization solutions are thus vital when the information you’re dealing with is sensitive, such as personal contacts, or any other documents containing sensitive data.
GeniusConnect differs from similar tools because it can help you move Outlook folders and files to a SQL database, and perform a safe data synchronization between them. The synchronization action is based on a set of rules, in order to either create an entry in the SQL database, or to transfer a certain Outlook items to it. You can also set a conflict resolution rule, which will either skip items, or take a specific action when a file conflict occurs.
At its core, GeniusConnect is a powerful synchronization tool for your Outlook folders, that can help you safely store and back-up your data, while you continue working.

Database synchronization tool to import and export Outlook files. TidyImport is a powerful email synchronization tool that allows you to easily import and export email data from and to Microsoft Outlook folders. The data can be exported from Outlook into various file formats, such as CSV, Excel, XML, and more. Import Outlook files into your local system and preserve all data that your mailbox contains. The application is complete and easy to use and can be used on desktop and tablets.
TidyImport Features:

Import Outlook data to CSV, Excel, XML, SQL and more

Export data into these same formats as well as many more

Import/export emails from/to multiple mailbox locations

Import files with passwords and email signatures

Import from PST files (merged, message by message, linked, merged & separated)

Import from OST files (.ost,.pst)

Optionally update content of imported messages and senders/cc

Import/Export to/

What’s New In GeniusConnect?

The utility allows you to synchronize Outlook files and folders with SQL databases, by matching file fields with rows and columns. It can also import or export folder mapping configurations for easy synchronization.With the emergence of cloud computing and virtualization technology, workloads can be packaged and executed in a virtual machine environment. A workload can be executed on a virtual machine that is a “container” for the workload. However, the containers can also comprise a full operating system environment, including a base kernel and a set of application-based tools. Such containers can be referred to as full virtual machines, or full VMs. Alternatively, containers can comprise a base kernel, a minimal set of an application or tool environment, and a set of user-provided or user-installed software applications. Such containers can be referred to as lightweight virtual machines, or light VMs.
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System Requirements For GeniusConnect:

Intel® Core™ i5-2400, 3.1GHz CPU or higher
Intel® Core™ i7-3770K, 3.5GHz CPU or higher
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 64-bit (with Service Pack 1) or higher
4GB of system memory
2GB of graphics memory
15 GB of hard drive space
DirectX® 11
The recommended spec for the following titles was tested on the following hardware: