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It consists of an interface, applet and a report of the main data and other information.
The Hydraulic Conductivity Test is a tool that was developed for calculating the hydraulic conductivity using two test methods.
The interface presents the following steps to use the applet:

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Hydraulic conductivity and Discharge test

Review hydraulic conductivity measurements from pipe-splicing test.
Measure hydraulic conductivity using RFT or Hydrostatic pressure test method.
Calculate the results and make specific recommendations on how to correct the results.
Use the Hydraulic Conductivity Test Cracked Accounts for both constant Head and Falling Head tests.

“Hydraulic conductivity is essentially a measure of the ability of a pipe or drainage system to transport water from the high point in the system to the low point.
The hydraulic conductivity test is widely used in practice because it is the simplest way to determine the permeability of a pipe.”
Hydraulic Conductivity Test Theoretical Background:

Hydraulic Conductivity Test Basics:

Hydraulic Conductivity Test Example:


Category:Geotechnical engineering
Category:Environmental testingQ:

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The Hydraulic Conductivity Test can be used to determine and compare the hydraulic conductivity of a soil or rock.
The Hydraulic Conductivity Test is a
product of the Department of the Environment and Conservation.
The Hydraulic Conductivity Test uses two methods.

The Hydraulic Conductivity Test software allows the user to choose
the test conditions such as
the water table elevation, wetted depth, water saturation, seepage velocity, water permeability, and the air permeability.

Additional information on Hydraulic Conductivity Test may be obtained from The
Hydraulic Conductivity Test Manual or
Hydraulic conductivity test in Bureau of Land Management, US

Assessments and reports:

Bureau of Land Management, US
Department of the Environment, NZ
National Soil Information Council, Australia

The Hydraulic Conductivity Test Manual:

The Hydraulic Conductivity Test Manual is the
US Department of the Environment publication with
‘performance requirements’ for
an instrument to determine the hydraulic conductivity in
saturated, unsaturated and partially saturated soil and
rock. The Manual is also
the Australian National
Soil Information Council publication
and a manual for the Hydraulic Conductivity Test
(HCT) method for measuring soil permeability.
The hydraulic conductivity for saturated soil is used in drainage

Bureau of Land Management, US

The table below provides the range of permeability values found in the field
(Bureau of Land Management, US).

Range of permeability values found in the field

Soil permeability

0.4 to 19 m/hr

0.4 m/hr to 0.1 m/hr

0.1 to 0.5 m/hr

0.05 m/hr to 0.01 m/hr

0.01 to 0.1 m/hr

Soil permeability is the average effective permeability calculated for a
unit of volume. The soil volume is based on the soil characteristics
nearest to the penetration point
(Bureau of Land Management, US).

Hydraulic Conductivity Test (HCT) description:

The HCT method

What’s New in the?

Hydraulic conductivity, or permeability, is a term that is used to describe the ability of a soil to conduct fluids like water and air. It is measured in millidarcies per hour. Hydraulic conductivity is important to hydraulic models to predict the effects of groundwater movement in soil. Permeability is defined as the volume of flow (pore) in a unit area per unit time, the moles per second. (A mol is a one-millionth of a mole.)

Lab Tool Functions:

Function Description:
1. Hydraulic conductivity tests – Constant Head or Falling Head
2. Scan your soil and data base with your soil samples
3. Parameters – Hydraulic conductivity (in MD), Water content (in wt%), Water salinity (in PSU), Field capacity, Soil density (in Mg/l), Soil pH, Percentage of total carbon, Percentage of total organic carbon.
4. Display results in graphical form
5. Export results to Microsoft Excel format.
6. It allows you to save any results in microsoft Excel format
7. Users can view results directly in Microsoft Excel.
8. Java based software (No need for any plugins or software installed to any server)
9. Designed for Windows XP or higher versions
10. Uses Java 1.6 or higher (1.6 JRE or higher version)
11. Automatic Converter

Hydraulic Conductivity Test User Guide

1. Download the user guide from this site and save it on your computer.
2. Run the hydraulic conductivity test software.
3. The hydraulics conductivity test software will automatically convert into certain default formats (Excel, XLS or CSV format).
4. Enter the test condition.
5. Press ‘Test’ to run the test. The software will automatically scan the data base, and will calculate the results in a report.
6. This report will contain the obtained results, color coded graphs and a summary of the tests in the table of results.

This is the description for the application Hydraulic conductivity test and the implementation Hydraulic conductivity test as Java based Software.

The Hydraulic Conductivity Test is a tool that was developed for calculating the hydraulic conductivity using two test methods.
This accessible, easy-to-use Java-based software supports Constant Head and Falling Head tests.

System Requirements:

Windows 10
Pro-Racer Patch v2.15.1 (no changes in v2.15.1 compared to v2.14)
Pro-Racer Patch v2.14.0
Fastest CPU and recommended GPU
Nvidia GTX 1080 or AMD RX 480
Tested on Windows 10 version 1703, this should also work fine on versions 1803 and newer