There are numerous third-party tools that can be used to customize one’s favorite instant messaging client, and their functionality ranges from removing the interface banners to acting as an answering machine. However, most of these software tools focus solely on a single IM, so if you use several chat apps on a daily basis, you can give HyperIM a try, as it can integrate within multiple source programs and personalize them.
During the installation, you can specify the instant messengers you typically use so that HyperIM seamlessly integrates with them. Furthermore, the setup process also allows users to select their media player of choice so that the currently played song gets displayed within their IM client.
Even though it supports several chat apps (including Google Talk, Miranda, MSN/Windows Live, Skype, Trillian and Xfire), HyperIM comes with certain functions especially created for Yahoo! Messenger, such as BuddY! Alerter, Yahoo! Chat Broadcast, Yahoo! Magic Avatar, Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons and Yahoo! Messenger Robot. In other words, you can customize the status message for your instant messenger using this software solution, but if you use Yahoo! Messenger, you are in for a treat due to its added functions.
Once the installation is complete, you can configure a different HyperIM account for each PC user – if you do not share your computer with anyone else, you can disable this feature by simply checking the dedicated box so you can directly access the interface.
The main window of HyperIM allows you to input the status message you want to display throughout all your chosen IM clients, and you can also activate or deactivate the installed plugins of Yahoo! Messenger.
Since the interface of HyperIM is kept as minimalistic and straightforward as possible, you can easily enable or disable the app’s integration with a certain media player, to make sure it corresponds to the one you are currently using. In other words, you can experiment with numerous players until you are satisfied with the outcome, without worrying that HyperIM’s functions get broken in the process.  
To sum up, HyperIM can prove to be just the right tool for managing more than a single IM client on your PC. However, it hasn’t received an update in several years, so it may not be fully compatible with the latest versions of your programs.







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Cracked HyperIM With Keygen is a small utility that adds many features to your instant messaging programs. The main focus is Yahoo! Messenger, but others like Trillian and MSN are also supported.
With HyperIM Download With Full Crack, you can adjust the status bar for your Instant Messaging clients, change the IM client icons on your desktop and much more. You can also use HyperIM as an IM client and a desktop calculator with its Calculator windows.
HyperIM is only a simple interface to your other programs, so you won’t feel like you have lost any flexibility.
HyperIM Features:

– Adjust Yahoo! status messages for your Instant Messaging programs.
– Add new IM client icons to your desktop.
– Show and hide IM client windows on the desktop.
– Adjust your Instant Messaging programs’ icons.
– Run your favorite Windows Media Player in an Instant Messaging window.
– Remove the Instant Messaging app’s window from your taskbar.
– Uninstall your Instant Messaging app without uninstalling HyperIM.
– Configure your Instant Messaging programs’ hot keys for your keyboard.
– Use the IM client’s hot keys for your mouse.
– Show you log on or log off in the various Instant Messaging programs.
– Adjust the Instant Messaging app’s wallpaper.
– Use the Calculator with your Instant Messaging programs.
– Configure the Calculator’s hot keys for your keyboard.
– View the currently playing song in your Instant Messaging programs.
– Adjust the show and hide of the Yahoo! Status Bar and Yahoo! Chat Status.
– Activate or deactivate the various IM plugins of Yahoo! Messenger.
– Use the Buddy! Alerter to inform you of a new message in your Instant Messaging programs.
– Activate or deactivate the Active and Inactive colors of your Instant Messaging programs.
– Adjust the Buddy! Alerter colors.
– Activate or deactivate the Buddy! Alerter.
– Show or hide the Buddy! Alerter on your desktop.
– Open the Buddy! Alerter with Yahoo! Messenger.
– Activate or deactivate the Buddy! Alerter with Miranda.
– Adjust the Buddy! Alerter colors.
– Open the Buddy! Alerter with the current message.
– Uninstall your Instant Messaging app and HyperIM from the programs you do not use.
– Hide the

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HyperIM Download

HyperIM is a powerful and free tool designed to help you manage multiple instant messaging clients at once! It works with many popular instant messaging programs, including Trillian, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk.
Using HyperIM, you can add and remove chat clients with ease. You can even add your own custom status messages to get your instant messages updated automatically. You can set up profiles for each chat client to make sure your friends always know what you’re up to.
HyperIM will help you manage all the applications and servers you use on your computer by creating custom profiles for each one. It also lets you easily manage many accounts from one screen by connecting to your e-mail, to your IM account, to your buddy list.
HyperIM is a free program that supports many popular instant messaging programs including Trillian, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk. You can choose to work on a single IM client or use multiple IM clients at once.
You can use HyperIM on any PC or Mac with MS Windows or Mac OS X.
Your downloads are free.
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What’s New In HyperIM?

HyperIM is a full-featured instant messaging client that lets you synchronize your contact list from multiple instant messengers on Windows.

No personal information is required to enjoy this software.




Why you should get HyperIM for your IM client:

HyperIM allows you to install on multiple PCs and synchronize your contact list

HyperIM allows you to integrate your IM accounts on multiple PCs

HyperIM supports more than 30 instant messengers on Windows

What is new in this release:

User-friendly web interface

Supports Yandex.Browser as a plugin

Supports Popcorn time as a plugin

Various bug fixes and enhancements

Supports Yahoo! Messenger

Supports XMPP

Supports Viber

Supports Skype

Supports MSN/Windows Live

Supports Chatsecure

Supports AIM

Supports EBC

Supports Weblate

Supports Gimpy

Supports Yahoo! Messenger 9.0

Supports Yahoo! Messenger 9.0

Supports iMessages


Supports Google Talk

Supports Gtalk

Supports Facebook

Supports Trio

Supports ICQ

Supports ICQ

Supports Jabber

Supports AOL

Supports AIM

Supports AOL

Supports AOL

Supports AOL

Supports AOL

Supports AOL

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Supported OS:
Mac OS X 10.5 – 10.8
Windows XP – 10
Windows XP SP3
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Move to the right-most panel and click on the Add-on.
Drag and drop BookVault onto the panel.
Hover over the BookVault and click to add it to the menu.
BookVault is available for free for the Mac version of Firefox and the Windows version of Firefox