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Imagenomic Portraiture V.2.3 Build 2308 (Full Version) WIN MAC


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Portraiture : Adobe Photoshop Plug-in

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Under existing Australian law, 80% of Australian-owned land in Antarctica must be claimed, under treaty to prevent adverse impacts on Antarctica. But who would be able to benefit from this land?

Under existing Australian law, 80% of Australian-owned land in Antarctica must be claimed, under treaty to prevent adverse impacts on Antarctica. But who would be able to benefit from this land?

It is likely that such land would be claimed by Aboriginal peoples for their use, but the pastoral, mining and forestry industries are also potential beneficiaries. However, any claim by Indigenous people would undoubtedly involve them in a long and hard fight against an industry that is not interested in voluntary co-operation.

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However, if the land wasn’t owned by the emerging commercial interest, it would be left as a park for scientific exploration, with the company obligated to pay the Australian


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