Iowa White Pages Database includes aproximately 1,163,054 records of Florida consumers locations and leads.
The Phone Book Marketing Database can be downloaded in CSV, MySQL and many other formats







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The Iowa White Pages is a mailing list of telephone numbers and addresses from across the U.S.A. The Iowa-based customers of this database provide a variety of uses from their phone book, including catalog production, market research and various other industries. This is a great resource to carry over multiple other telephone directories as needed.Bilateral bone marrow oedema of the calf as manifestation of a paraneoplastic syndrome in hairy cell leukaemia.
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The Iowa White Pages Database contains aproximately 1,163,054 records of Florida consumers locations and leads.
This database includes names, addresses, and phone numbers of each consumer in the State of Iowa. All data is in the public domain.
The Phone Book Marketing Database can be downloaded in CSV, MySQL and many other formats.
International White Pages Database contains aproximately 423,935,462 records of all records of all consumers in the world. This is a huge collection of name, address, email, phone numbers and many other important data.
International White Pages Database Description:
The International White Pages Database contains aproximately 423,935,462 records of all records of all consumers in the world. This is a huge collection of name, address, email, phone numbers and many other important data.
The address was created in the year 1988, this database contains some statisically and administratively important data. Using these data you can easily find out the street number and house number of a consumer, in case a consumer want to change the address. Each record in this database contains attributes and an index value.
This is a huge database with name, address, phone number, email, in this database there are so many important data. If you want to know anything about a consumer you just need to search in this database. Because the data of the address was created in the year 1988 so you can’t find out the address that is not current. This database includes telephone exchange, city, state, ZIP code, area code, latitude, longitude, country, business name, street name and address number, house number, zip code, email, phone number and many other important data. All the addresses were extracted from World Wide White Pages Database is arranged alphabetically and also organized into states, U.S.A, cities, post office, ZIP codes, telephone exchange, and street address.
The Data was created in the year 2003 and the telephone exchange was created in the year 2003. You can download this database in many formats such as CSV, RDB, JSON, XLSX.
This database includes name, address, telephone number and email address data of all the consumers in the world. The record of the data includes the record of the consumer’s contact information such as telephone number and email address. The record also includes the information of the consumer’s current address.
This database contains some details about phone numbers like telephone exchange, area code, exchange name, city

What’s New In Iowa White Pages Database?

The Iowa White Pages are a micro-level compilation of searchable records for businesses, organizations, and other entities. The records include legal names, addresses, and phone numbers. Most are intended to be a directory for use within the State of Iowa.
The database is designed to support phone look-up and personal consumer marketing efforts. It is an excellent tool for local businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers to access for both Internet and telephone based marketing research.
The Iowa White Pages database is provided in a neat format that allows indexing, sorting, and searching on approximately 94 million records and over 1,163,054 records.

10.Iowa Culture Data: Descriptive Data of the Iowa State.
The 2010 census data are also available in this database as well as links to other census data and statistics.
Iowa Culture Database Description:
Each census tract in the 2010 Census is linked to additional statistics, such as the racial and ethnic composition of the population, the median age, the literacy rate, and the poverty rate.
The Census Snapshot Data is also available on File Geodatabase with links to linked data. The File Geodatabase can be used for visual mapping and analysis. The data is widely used in economic analysis, demographic analysis and real estate analysis.

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About Iowa White Pages

The Iowa White Pages is a compilation of searchable records of businesses, organizations, and other entities in the State of Iowa. The records include legal names, addresses, and phone numbers. Most are intended to be a directory for use within the state.

This directory is

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