The guitar is a very complicated instrument that can arguably take a lifetime to master, however, some aspects of it can require special study, such as transposing chords. JWC Chord Transposer is an application that allows users to calculate the transposed chord, in both minor and major keys, with additional support information.
A poorly designed interface that is extremely basic and limited, that affects every aspect of the program
Since there are many people who play guitar, JWC Chord Transposer can in theory be a big help to a vast number of people. Unfortunately, the interface is very poorly constructed and extremely basic, so much so that it drastically limits how the program operates and how it is viewed. The help documentation is even affected by the poor design, appearing a series of popup messages with hints and tips, rather than proper documentation.
The layout is also awkward in the actual chord transpositions, everything is navigated by a menu labeled in block capitols, with now way to adjust the font or text. The actual transposed chords are displayed in the a small, non obvious text that some users might want to enlarge or move. Sadly, there is a severe lack of customization in the presentation and layout of JWC Chord Transposer.
A helpful array of features that is detailed, while also providing several support resources to aid users
Despite the poor interface, JWC Chord Transposer does go some way to redeeming itself with the array of features it offers. The support for both keys as well as a long list of chords should satisfy most users, making it possible for users to check exactly what they need, but the application does do more.
Included in JWC Chord Transposer are several resources for guitar musical theory, on a range of different subjects that users can examine and use to help improve or supplement their knowledge. There is a table for the Circle of 5ths, in both descending and ascending order, as well as a triads table. A supplement on Jazz guitar chords is also included, but for some reason it appears in a poorly sized separate window.
A useful tool and good idea, wrapped in terrible presentation that brings the application down
Sadly, while JWC Chord Transposer is undoubtedly useful and a helpful tool for anyone interested in improving their guitar abilities, it is contained in a poorly designed and badly constructed interface. The application's layout could be improved in a number of ways, but lacks the options for users to do it. All in all, JWC Chord Transposer is a useful tool for users who can put up with the extremely basic packaging it comes in.









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Includes a comprehensive list of guitar chords with their location on the fretboard
Allows users to display and transpose chords in a variety of ways including both major and minor keys
Transpose chords in either direction
Displays the notes for each chord on the staff
Full chord line is played or simulated based on a chord selected
Allows the user to customize the display of the notes
Transposes chords up to the highest root of the chord
Allows users to transpose chords by pressing a key on the keyboard
Supports both major and minor keys
Option to transpose by a different note than the root
Option to transpose chords in a different direction than up or down
Customize notes to display on the staff
Option to save chords as a preset
Option to display the root of the chord in either upper or lower case
Option to transpose up or down one step at a time
Option to transpose chords to a different root than the default root
Option to change the relative minor or major key to the current selection
Option to transpose chords a different number of steps
Option to transpose chords to a different root and change the relative minor or major key
Allows users to display chord inversion (stopped or running)
Option to display the root notes of the chord as stars
Option to display a tab of the chord as stars
Option to display chords as a Tab or Roman numeral
Includes information on the origin and placement of chords
Option to show chord diagram
Option to display chords in the key of the chord
Option to specify the root note of the chord
Option to display chord symbols (v) and minor chords (v)
Option to display chord ranges
Option to display chords in the key of the chord
Option to display chord combinations
Chord Transposer Key Features:
Chord Transposer is a useful and helpful application for anyone who is interested in learning the guitar or those who already play an instrument but would like to become a better guitarist. It allows users to both learn and improve upon the knowledge of chords, which is an essential part of the instrument.
The application is easy to use, and will take the user through every step in the process, from the learning process, to the transposing of chords, and the use of the actual chord line.
The program contains several different features, some of which may not be necessary for everyone. However, the information presented in the application should be enough for many users to become and expert guitarist.

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NOTE: This is an older version of the Magic Chords app that has not been updated since 2013 and has features that are no longer supported. Please use our new and improved Magic Chords app for Mac!
Magic Chords is an application that allows users to create their own chord scale or arrange existing chords and help with chord transcription. This is the ultimate chord transposing tool that has the ability to transpose any chord scale to any key, including jazz, blues and country. Users can even create their own customized chord scales.
Magic Chords also contains a wealth of additional features including: a built-in chord builder, transposing chords, the ability to transpose individual notes, chords or scales in multiple keys simultaneously, chord images, chord analysis, guitar chord diagrams, multiple built-in chord models and a feature called the Chord Warp.
‘Magic Chords’ is built to be easy to use, with a clean, easy to navigate interface, so you can spend less time and more time learning.
Magic Chords is not just for guitarists, it can be used by any musician who wants to learn, practice, practice, transpose, transpose, and more.
For guitarists:
• Transpose any chord to any key
• Have the ability to transpose chords to any key
• Chord Analysis
• Chord Transposition
• Transposing chords for multiple scales
• Help with Chord Transcription
• Chord Builder
• Guitar Chord Diagrams
• Chord Warp
What’s New in version 1.3:
• Transpose a chord by first selecting it with the chord book,

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JWC Chord Transposer is a chord transposer for guitarists, with support for the transpositions of chords, including in major and minor keys. The program has an extensive chord chart, in both the major and minor keys, as well as a table for the Circle of 5ths. The program comes with support for most of the chords needed to play a wide range of music, and also provides extensive support resources.
A very basic and severely limited interface that affects every aspect of the program
The interface is very simple, and is accessed through a menu labeled with block caps. There is no way to customize the interface at all, and no support for contextual menu or a toolbar. The layout of the transpositions and charts is all in a fixed small font, and there is no way to enlarge or reposition them. There is also no support for multiple charts at the same time, with the ability to change the chart or the entire program.
A help file that is severely limited and only provides tips and hints to users
The help file is, however, surprisingly comprehensive. It covers the basics in much depth, as well as providing more advanced topics and subjects for users to delve into. There is even a section for various chord theory concepts that are covered, but not explained in any detail. The Help file is still severely limited, offering little detail and only minimal amount of support, but can still be quite useful for guitarists who are willing to look a little deeper.
A series of key support resources that can help guitarists to develop their skills
The package comes with four separate support resources. Three of these are focused on guitar theory, while the last one is aimed at different guitarists.
The first guitar theory support resource is a table of the Circle of 5ths, in both descending and ascending order. It provides in-depth explanation of the theory, and is also used to accompany the transpositions and charts in the main program. It does lack the ability to be sorted in ascending order, however, meaning that the transpositions and charts are still affected by the table.
The second guitar theory support resource is a table of triads. It comes in descending and ascending order, so is perfect for sorting the charts. It is also very detailed, and can be a good supplement to the charts.
The third guitar theory support resource is a large index of chords. Chords are displayed by the name, and are listed alphabetically. The index is sorted by the

What’s New In?

JWC Chord Transposer is a powerful chord transposing application that can transpose up to 52 keys. It's simple, intuitive, and easy to use. This software is simple to use and functions quickly. Since it's a windows software, it works on any version of Windows.
Version 2.2.7 update: Changes in this version: The transposing scale is now fully customizable. Now you can change the scale in which the chords will be transposed, like the Roman, Dorian, Mixolydian etc. The 4 note minor scale is now always in the key of the original song, so you can hear it how it's supposed to sound, instead of the key of the song you're in. This helps you to learn the scale, and you will see how the scale is supposed to sound. You can now choose how to apply the scale in the music, in the way you want it to sound.

System Requirements:

The minimum system requirements (excluding Windows 7 required DirectX) are:
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3 7100, Intel® Core™ i5 7300, Intel® Core™ i7 7700, Intel® Core™ i7 8600K
Memory: 2 GB RAM, 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA®