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– Convert and play audio, video, and still image files.
– Large cross-platform library of formats that are fully customizable through a set of skins.
– User interface is fully customizable through skin sets.
– All configuration dialogs and other special interface elements are displayed in each skin.
– Supports up to 2Gb audio media (up to 1.5Gb for video files).
– Drag and drop files.
– Automatically identifies and displays properties (such as ID3 tags and artwork).
– Stream audio media from CDs (both CDs in CD drive and from CDs in the database).
– Play audio and video file in the background.
– Continuous playing, pause/resume, rewind, and cue.
– Drag and drop to playlist and queue.
– Automatically finds and disables duplicate media files.
– Ability to display artwork in a window or as an icon.
– Inline preview window.
– Show filename in list, preview, and queue.
– Skin selection page.
– Search for files.
– Basic playlists.
– Playlists and queue.
– Up to 3000 files in a playlist.
– Ability to store media collections in a database.
– Directory support for media collections.
– Various music library tools.
– Various device drivers support.
– Group and delete media by type.
– Organization of media and metadata.
– Ability to display media related information.
– Transcoding support for video files.
– Embedded video player.
– Ability to minimize to tray.
– Ability to show and hide all windows.
– Pre-configured skins that suit various needs.
– Included skins that have been designed for everyday use.
– Skin customization options.
– Skin editing tools.
– Skin exchange.
– Perfect skin support.
– Interoperability with other programs.
– Can be fully localized.
– Ability to automatically identify and display media metadata.
– Ability to select file and media properties.
– Ability to select file properties.
– Ability to play files one by one.
– Rearrange media by artist or album.
– Ability to hide items.
– Ability to group items and hide them all at once.
– Ability to open files by extension.
– Ability to insert video files into other videos.
– Ability to set the length of video files.
– Ability to determine audio encoding parameters.
– Ability to set

Komorebi Full Product Key

Komorebi is fully interactive, allowing you to browse, preview, preview and arrange tracks in your media files.
Komorebi uses only the most stable and compatible codecs.
Komorebi is a video jukebox player.
Its Quick Access display displays your jukebox listings.
Komorebi uses a full play list and supports shuffle/repeat function.
Komorebi supports automatic tracking of your media files, using ID3 tags.
For enhanced functionality, Komorebi makes use of a local database of filenames and descriptions. Komorebi is compatible with virtually all audio formats, including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and MPEG-4 AAC. In addition, many video formats are supported, including those used by many websites.
Komorebi supports audio CDs and CD radio stations as well as Internet radio. It features an easy interface which makes finding music fast and easy.
Komorebi allows you to add, edit and delete playlists from any folder, on any drive. You can also create or search for playlists from any folder.
All background programs are automatically started when Komorebi is started.
Komorebi uses DirectX technology, which means that any CPU with at least 80 MHz is compatible with Komorebi.
Komorebi allows you to process multiple streams at once. It keeps track of your online status and keeps your offline status updated automatically.
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Komorebi Incl Product Key (April-2022)

Komorebi is a jukebox player which needs no installation and has no restrictions on the media file types that you can play.

Komorebi supports playback of music, voice, and movies.
It can also play a wider variety of portable audio and video media formats than any other jukebox program.
Komorebi is an open source application. Some of the features include:

Simple interface

Cross platform and easy to use









Komorebi has been developed using the DirectShow library in Visual C++ and is fully compatible with Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows Vista Media Center Edition and Windows 7 Media Center Edition. Komorebi also works with the Windows Vista and Windows 7 Media Center Software.


Komorebi Media Management

Detailed and easy to use interface

Komorebi Features

Easy and powerful media file management

MP3 and music ID3 tagging features

Robust file conversion dictionary


Timeball control

Komorebi is the program to make your life easier and your work more fun. There are many characteristics that make Komorebi unique. These are:

Trial Version

FREE for 30 days. Once you have used the trial version, you can purchase the full version with a 100% money back guarantee.

Komorebi’s native filename and ID3 tag convertor

Open Source

Komorebi allows you to choose whether to make your files available to others as publicly available or not. If you decide to make the files available, a public link to a file will be posted in the user’s profile, and other users can access the files on the Web or through Media Manager

MP3 ID3 tagging

You can tag your MP3 files from within the application. You can easily tag MP3 files using a command line interface. You can also do it using an existing m3u file or just the path to a directory.

MP3 Encoding

Komorebi’s MP3 Encoding engine is optimized to fully recognize and encode MP3 ID3 tags from files. You can also use the encoding menu to change the encoding parameters for your files, such as bit-rate, sampling rate, etc…

Komorebi’s multi-threaded encoding engine greatly increases the speed of

What’s New In Komorebi?

Komorebi is a stand-alone media player, which integrates with your web browser and can be controlled via a browser interface. It also can be accessed from a windows desktop or terminal through the command-line interface. Key features:
* play music, audio and video files, either from the file system or streamed from the web
* use the local file system, remote network, web or storage devices
* supports MP3 ID3 tags, meta and RSS file formats
* display cover art, lyrics, artist names and more (you can edit this information by editing $KOMORBI_HOME/Info.ini file or using set_tags utility)
* supports Unicode for filenames, directory pathnames, and display names
* many presets, skins, and skins settings, which allows the user to look after the setup to his/her liking
* support for multilingual (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean,…)

komorebi-gtk – KDE Gnutella client
komorebi-gtk is a GTK+ GUI for Komorebi, the jukebox for KDE and GNOME

Qchoc is a Qt C++/Qt Designer based software that allows you to create a graphic GUI for your Music/Video player. Click on the KDE3 pic below to see what it looks like.

Lyricsbox is a DirectShow based media player, allowing you to play music and/or video files in well integrated “Player Controls”. It can play MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, MP4, 3GP, 3G2 and other formats. You can display artwork in a separate frame in the right upper corner of the display, or synchronize the display with the song/video information.
Lyricsbox supports ID3 tags (in MP3 only), embedded cover art, search and directory support. Now features movie folders and Coverflow.
Lyricsbox is fully customizable, allowing users to chose from various skin styles, fonts, colored backgrounds and more. It supports multiple skins for different media types.

Milestones is an application for mp3 players. It is a GTK GUI for Komorebi, the jukebox for KDE and GNOME. It is very good for people who are confused by the interface of Komorebi or don

System Requirements:

TFT Display with Touch Panel
Memory Card Reader with minimum storage capacity of 30MB
Supported Router:
Supported Wireless-N Network
IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Supported Channel(s):
2.4 GHz
5 GHz
Supported Frequency Band(s):
2.4 GHz