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Download LangOver Crack Free Download, the most advanced text to speech application for Windows. Translate your text to over 24 languages with the click of a mouse. Speak, translate and have fun.
LangOver Key Features:
– Translate text: Speak, translate and have fun with the most advanced text-to-speech application for Windows!
– Translate any selected text: No more missing words or embarrassing mistakes. Simply select text and press a hotkey to instantly translate it into the appropriate language.
– Typesetting: Speak, type, and enjoy your favorite text in the most advanced typography application for Windows.
– N-Key Mouse Support: Translate selected text without the use of a mouse. Simply select the text you want to translate and press the hotkey of your choice to instantly speak the selected text!
– More Languages: Translate your text in 24 languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Russian, Greek, Japanese, and more!
– Swap Languages: Get the most out of your text-to-speech translation by swapping between your current language and the one you want.
– Reverse Translation: When your translation comes out funny or you just want to change the words around, LangOver can easily reverse your words.
– Over 20 languages: Improve your language skills with over 20 different languages and dialects.
– Transliteration: Re-transliterate text for the better.
– Speeches: Learn a new word on the fly by speaking a phrase or sentence out loud.
– Type TTS: Speak aloud the phrases or sentences you have typed instead of typing them yourself.
– Audio: Enjoy the benefits of text-to-speech on your external audio device or record your own pronunciation.
LangOver Instructions:
See the additional information at
How to install LangOver on your computer:
1. Run LangOver and click on the “Install” button.
2. Click on the “Accept License” button.
3. Press “Finish” button.
4. Select an installation folder and click on “Install”.
5. Double-click on the LangOver icon and LangOver will be ready for use.
LangOver Settings:
Double-click on LangOver icon and click on “Language Settings” to open its configuration page.
From the Configure Settings page, you can change the following parameters:
1. Select

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LangOver uses either Bing or Google to translate selected text, but the main feature of the application is that it can translate any such text at the touch of a customizable hotkey. The translated result is then automatically pasted over your selection, replacing it. Even though using online services (such as those mentioned above) can eventually achieve the same end result, these require you to open a browser, navigate to the appropriate address and then copy and paste the text you want to translate. Being able to select a snippet of text and pressing a hotkey to translate it seems a lot quicker and more convenient.
Handy extra features
The application also provides a number of useful extra features. For example, it will, at the touch of a different customizable hotkey, change a text’s lettercase. This can save you from having to re-type an entire text, and constitutes a huge timesaver in certain situations.
Another feature worth mentioning is the application’s ability to reverse text, which could come in handy when dealing with languages written from right to left as opposed to left to right. The application can be configured to use the mouse’s middle button, or a microphone, in order to perform actions.
LangOver is easy and intuitive to use, owing to its simple interface. It requires a minimum of resources to use, and no freezes or crashes were encountered during testing. What’s more, it provides an interesting, useful and rather unique set of features. Read more about how to download and operate LangOver…

CVC’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) Software

published:29 Jul 2008

CVC’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) Software

CVC’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) Software

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LangOver is an application designed to translate text from any language into any other language, in the world. It can either use online online services or a customized dictionary to translate any text from the clipboard or from an image, so you can edit or create any documents in any language, no matter how hard they may be to find, or how different they seem to be.
More info about LangOver:
You can download LangOver absolutely for free at Don’t forget to share the application with your friends so they can benefit from it too.
LangOver Screenshots:
License:Shareware, $19.95

Escape from a Prison in Paris (Windows) Download Free

As a prison inmate desperate to escape prison, you need to find a method of escape and to do this you need to find the perfect getaway vehicle. You will have to use your wits and your survival skills to get away and stay hidden away from the guards.
Are you the greatest prison escape artist in the whole prison? Do you have what it takes to survive?
– Find the perfect vehicle to escape on
– Find the perfect place to hide away for a while
– Climb throught many levels
– Search through a big range of objects
– Avoid the obstacles and the dangers that you will find on your way
– Unexpected turns and a lot of fun
– TONS of different cars and many many different obstacles to avoid and to climb over.
– A More optimized version of the classic version.
– More than 10000 different configurations.
– A lot of new cars, for example: bus, train, truck, boat.
– Better, even, even more obstacles: cliffs, falling rocks, water, fire, etc.
– more elements to discover and more secrets to find.
– Lots of more features and a lot of new cars/obstacles.
– Improvements in the game play, the new cars/obstacles, the graphics and interface.
– A lot of fixes and bug fixes.
– New cars (trucks,boats,bus):

– New level:

– Picture of the car you have chosen.

What’s New in the?

* Reverse translater, allow for left to right and right to left languages * Customizable hotkeys * Multi language support * Translates to all the major languages * Translates to a maximum of 40 languages * Show an alert when a text has been translated * Highlight text * Paste translation * Paste default language without hotkey * Dictionary lookup * Word completion * Highlighting of user input * Input masking * Auto spell check * Customizable searching * One Click Translator * Select all text in the current clipboard * Working in various modes such as Translate and Search * Function keys for easy navigation (Mac Only) * Reverse text, change to caps or alllowercase * Automatic word paste * Bug fixes * No activation required * No update required * Zero configuration * Can be customized
LangOver Screenshots:
(Click images to enlarge)
(Mac Only)
(No activation required)
(No update required)
(Mac Only)
(No activation required)
(No update required)

It seems that the Flash developer community is slowly getting its act together, with many developers stopping using Flash only to use HTML5 and JavaScript in today’s browsers.
If you have used some of the movie editors out there, then you know that they typically come with a few features not usually found on their digital video brethren, such as being able to add text inside the movie file, fine-tune its chapters and segments (chapters are basically small cuts in the timeline, segments are roughly like chapters but with multiple cuts), change the clip duration, change the controls associated with each, and many more. These features are usually considered to be of minor importance though, because the primary purpose of the majority of these editors was to make it possible for people without the necessary skills to create quality digital movies.
What makes the movie editors developed by Flash developer community so special, is that they add additional features which, on their own, can actually help with all the tasks that a typical editor does.
For example, there’s a video editing software by the name of CineKit, a company that produces a suite of software products including a professional video editor. Its high-end features include a number of the most important controls that one might need in a proper digital video editor. For example, it has a versatile timeline, a built-in previewer for video playback, a full featured video effects stack including its own post-processing filters, animated video effects and music, and the ability to control the entire app

System Requirements:

– OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
– Graphics: WDDM 1.0 or higher
DirectX: 9.0
Mac: Nvidia 7.0+
Minimum RAM: 512 MB RAM
– Graphics: WDDM 1.1 or higher
Minimum RAM: 1024 MB RAM
Minimum video requirements