Integrating cognitive process-related aspects and haptics through the use of gestures in the digital world can surely be the key to a more efficient, tailored, and overall pleasant experience, regardless of the field. Relying on mouse gestures to attain certain tasks, access features, or even initialize applications, are just some of the features that Mouse Shake Menu can provide you with, thanks to its simple yet effective solution.
Simple configuration that leads to quick and efficient handling, making the app ready for use in no time
As always, simplicity is most welcome, no matter the circumstances, and fortunately, setting-up Mouse Shake Menu is both simple and intuitive. Right off the bat, the application will have some pre-defined options, which we believe are well-suited for helping users get a better grasp of the handling.
All that one needs to do, is move the mouse cursor, left to right, or vice-versa, and the options window will pop-up instantaneously. There are only four main buttons, but we’ll cover more of that in the following section.
Lack of more buttons could be a potential gripe, which might be considered by the more demanding users
One of the features that could benefit from improvement is the buttons themselves, or, their number, to be more specific. The fact that you only get four customizable keys, could be seen as somewhat limiting, especially if you wish to have access to numerous shortcuts.
Leaving that aspect aside, working with the buttons and customizing them is a breeze, and the developer was kind enough to even include a guide, which is useful in setting-up the shortcuts and features.
Reliable mouse gesture-based app, which offers straightforward handling and a diverse range of options
If you wish to become more efficient in your PC use, this gesture-based application will allow you to prompt a shortcut set menu, at “a swipe of your cursor”.

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Mouse Shake Menu [2022]

With Mouse Shake Menu, you’ll be able to unleash the full potential of your mouse.

By simply swiping your mouse left to right, or vice-versa, you can trigger shortcuts and features.

A wide range of customization options and seamless mouse control.

And finally, the application is optimized for Windows 8 and Windows 10.
The video below provides an example of how the application will react when used.

Mouse Shake Menu features

Mouse Shake Menu has a simple, yet versatile design, which is not only easy to use, but is also ready to offer a vast number of features. The application will have a wide range of options at your disposal, ranging from shortcuts, to pre-set image sequences, or even mouse behavior, which means you’ll be able to set up some custom controls.
In addition, the application also includes a guide, which will help you to set-up the shortcuts, as well as the mouse behavior.
We found Mouse Shake Menu to be a useful application for using the mouse in a more efficient manner.

To run the app, simply download it from here, unzip the file, and run the executable to get started.

Mouse Shake Menu is an amazing example of software application integration that can lead to more time-efficient handling of your mouse. Simply moving it left to right, or vice-versa, will allow you to utilize all the features that this application has to offer.
In addition, the app will be easy to use, and intuitive, even for those who have never worked with it.

Although a great Windows app for mouse control, Mouse Shake Menu has a vast potential as well.

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Mouse Shake Menu (Updated 2022)

Mouse Shake Menu is an application that allows you to integrate a rich set of features into the PC with the help of mouse gestures.
Through a simple mouse click, you can associate specific commands to them, and simply “shake your mouse” to trigger the function.
– Mouse Shake Menu allows you to work with your keyboard and mouse at the same time.
– Mouse Shake Menu allows you to quickly and efficiently open menus and function by “swiping your mouse”.
– Mouse Shake Menu allows you to run multiple shortcuts at the same time.
– Mouse Shake Menu allows you to run applications, open task manager, etc.

Quick Specs


Coconut Dew Software













Additional Requirements:



Would you like to know more about what the meaning of the term “mouse shake” is?


Is it compatible with all Windows versions?

Mouse Shake Menu will work with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Are there any issues with the drivers?

There are no known issues with the drivers, as no specific drivers are required.

How do I know Mouse Shake Menu is compatible with my mouse?

All mice are compatible with the application, as it does not require a specific driver or OS-specific quirks.

Is there a trial version?

There is no trial version available.

What is included in the package?

Mouse Shake Menu features a simplistic setup process and a user-friendly, icon-driven interface.

You can enable the shortcuts via the mouse gesture, or from the control panel.

Mouse Shake Menu will not let you make too many shortcuts, if that is your goal.

How do I use Mouse Shake Menu?

Mouse Shake Menu will allow you to assign any of the shortcuts to a mouse gesture of your choice.

To trigger the shortcuts with the mouse, all you have to do is “shake your mouse”.

If you wish to use the keyboard to access shortcuts, simply press the assigned key, and all the functions that are associated with it will be activated.

Mouse Shake Menu [March-2022]

KeyMacro is the perfect tool for any user looking for an easy way to create macros. You may need to create hundreds of short cuts, but using KeyMacro is quick and easy. Press a hotkey combination and choose your shortcut key combination from a menu and KeyMacro will do the rest. You will no longer need to copy and paste your commands into the text window.
Create a Menu from any hotkey combination.
You can create a menu from any hotkey combination, and the shortcuts will be remembered for the next time you use the application.
Choose from a menu of pre-defined key combinations and mouse gestures.
KeyMacro has more than 300 pre-defined key combinations and mouse gestures for you to choose from.
Some of the most useful features include an application launcher, command prompt, or command prompt and image batch uploader.
Take a look at the features tab to see all the applications available for KeyMacro.
What makes this app a stand-out, in our opinion, is its user-friendly interface, its streamlined design and the ease with which it can be used, regardless of the operating system.
With KeyMacro, the traditional approach is gone. Now we can work more efficiently, because we don’t have to do a lot of copying, since the app handles it all automatically, for us.
We did put the app through our test, and we’re happy to report that it performs as intended, without any issues, and without leaving any major bugs in our opinion. The software is efficient, convenient, and simple, which means that even those who are new to this type of apps, should find it easy to get a hang of.
Setting-up the app is also very straightforward, and, as always, the developer was kind enough to include a guide, which is extremely useful in setting-up the keyboard shortcuts, but also in understanding the different options.
Special attention was also paid to adding the ability to change the keyboard layout, including the use of right-handed mouse.
The software also offers the possibility to change the keyboard and mouse layout.
Mouse Shake Menu is really convenient, and can be used in a wide range of different scenarios.
Simple yet efficient app, designed with an eye on its users’ comfort
This simple yet efficient solution can be used in a wide range of scenarios, as we mentioned earlier.
We have compiled a list of some of the most common applications that can be run with

What’s New In?

Mouse Shake Menu will allow you to configure mouse gestures according to your preferences, creating a menu containing pre-defined shortcuts for you to easily access.
A gesture-based tool that allows you to easily access what you need
Mouse Shake Menu is a fine tool to have at your disposal, as it is a gesture-based mouse-based utility which allows you to have your way with shortcuts and customizable features, with no fuss.
Mouse Shake Menu gives you access to a variety of services, as it will let you easily configure the gestures that will activate your preferred tasks, as well as setting-up a number of shortcuts for you to utilize.
The application integrates a unique aspect of it, as it allows you to create a menu which will be readily available for you to use as a quick access shortcut.
This customizable menu will let you set-up shortcuts for various services, such as log-in, control services, accessibility, and power options, for example.
As you can see, Mouse Shake Menu offers a rather broad variety of customizable features, and they are all very useful, for the benefit of the end-user.
Mouse Shake Menu can be seen as an application that is truly simple and easy to use, and it’s mostly thanks to the four key shortcuts that the developer has provided.
The app is packed with handy features and can be seen as a modern, streamlined, and extremely useful tool.
Mouse Shake Menu makes everything very easy to access and use, with a straightforward and simple interface, and the truth is that with just the touch of a mouse, you’ll have all you need in a heartbeat.
Easy to set-up and use, the app is more than capable, and it provides several different features, which make Mouse Shake Menu a powerful, well-rounded, and an extremely useful tool.
Those who are interested in customization, the built-in short-cut manager allows you to set-up multiple shortcuts and various features.
With Mouse Shake Menu you can quickly access all the features and services you need, and with its intuitive interface, it will take no time to get used to its usage.
Very intuitive and user-friendly, Mouse Shake Menu will surely be a welcome addition to your PC, as it allows you to quickly access all the services you need and all the tasks that are relevant to your personal needs, making it a reliable and convenient solution for most users.
Mouse Shake Menu is an easy-to-use tool, and it gives you access to several useful features, such as custom shortcuts, access to the Power Options settings, and much more, all in a very simple and intuitive manner.
Mouse Shake Menu gives you quick access to shortcuts and customization tools, allowing you to set-up multiple shortcuts, which can be very useful.
Mouse Shake Menu is packed with many useful features, including an extremely intuitive interface, as well as access to

System Requirements For Mouse Shake Menu:

Windows 7 or later
Mac OS X 10.10 (or later)
Java 1.8 or later
.exe file
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