You can simply check whether or not a web page is available by attempting to connect to it. However, network administrators need a bit more leverage, and this automatically implies the use of more complex tools. For instance, Ping Ya Face is a program which can tell whether or not a particular host is available by sending a ping.
Perks of a portable app
A cool thing about it is that it’s portable, which means you’re not taken through an installer to make it work, and can also use it on other computers directly from a thumb drive. Registry entries are not put at risk in the process, so the health status remains intact. There’s only one requirement in particular, and that is .NET Framework.
You only get to spend a couple of seconds figuring out what the application is all about. A compact window holds all you need to work with, meaning the target address field, possibility to send repetitive pings, as well as the info field which shows whether or not the target is reachable.
Response time not shown
As the address field points out, it can either contain a web page URL, or the corresponding IP address. The tool can also be used to check the availability of network computers. Starting the process sends a ping, with a message delivered in a dedicated section, static whether or not the operation is successful.
As mentioned, there’s the possibility to have repetitive pings sent. The option needs to be enabled, and you also need to set the interval in seconds. Unfortunately, the application doesn’t show response time, and doesn’t even save the log of events when activating repetitive ping.
To sum it up
In conclusion, Ping Ya Face is a straightforward ping tool. It mostly comes in handy for checking the availability of a computer or web page, without having to rely on complex data. Sadly, the lack of info on response time has a considerable impact on overall practicality.


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Ping Ya Face Full Crack is a handy and straightforward ping tool. It mostly comes in
handy for checking the availability of a computer or web page, without
having to rely on complex data. Sadly, the lack of info on response time
has a considerable impact on overall practicality.

Overview of features:

Easy to use and simple to activate.
It’s automatic, so you don’t have to set anything in advance.
It does not require the.NET Framework to operate.
When an address field is entered, the tool will respond with “up”, “down”, “unknown”.

Description of features:

Responds with the following text: Up, Down or Unknown
Unlimited pings sent
You can check to see whether or not the target is connected

Overview of features:

Unlimited pings sent
It’s easy to activate and use.

Sub features:

Responds with the following text: Up, Down or Unknown

Description of features:

Responds with the following text: Up, Down or Unknown


Pings can be sent to a remote IP address or a computer name
You can set the interval in seconds
You can select whether or not to force the connection on a timeout.

You will not be asked to enter a password
This tool works with all types of IP addresses and computer names, and it will also check the availability of a website (URL).

Why you’re not successful:

You can’t have a number of automatic tests sent
It only shows the info field, without displaying the response time
You cannot see the availablity of the networked computer

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More features:

Automatically shuts down, in case it fails


Live help:


How to contact:

By email

Tech support

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Ping Ya Face is a simple utility to ping a URL, or IP address, and also to check the available status of a given IP.

Get the tool now and put it to good use, or even add a new computer to your list with Ping Ya Face.

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Ping Ya Face Free Registration Code Free

Ping Ya Face is a program which mainly offers a tool for testing the availability of network hosts. It’s a pretty straight-forward utility, but for a limited number of features. You can either open a web page, or the target IP address directly. Then, you’re left to enter the respective URL or IP and press a button. The program will send a ping, and you’ll be able to view if the target is reachable or not. Furthermore, you have the possibility to set the interval and the number of repetitions, and finally get the response time. That said, there’s only one drawback, and it’s lacking info on the test result, as well as on response time.
Ping Ya Face Requirements:
You only have to have the.NET Framework installed on your system. In addition, you can download the application directly from the official site. It’s a pretty small program, with a size of only 5.07 MB. However, note that you won’t get any more info about the results if you’re using Windows Vista or later.
Ping Ya Face Alternatives:
Since you don’t get any info on the results of tests, you’re actually free to use a variety of tools to determine the status of the host. The tool is quite simple, and can even be successfully run through the web. It’s not a replacement for more powerful programs, but it’s good to have handy when you’re unsure.
Ping Ya Face is a simple tool, which doesn’t include any kind of data about the test result in general, as well as response time.

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How to play?
To begin with, you have to be connected to the internet

What’s New In?

Ping Ya Face is a portable application which lets you check the reachability of a specified address. It works regardless of the software required, which includes.NET Framework, OS X, Win 2003-2008, Debian Linux, Fedora Linux, CentOS Linux.

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System Requirements:

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Additional Notes:
This software