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Plektron Multiband Compressor

PCBA design and CAD

Tube Looper

Tube Cycling

Tone Stabilization

Extreme quality, comes with 20 presets that are refined to capture the warmer sound of vintage tube compressors.

Optimized for ultimate flexibility; with a robust DSP-based architecture, it’s easy to tweak, trim and fine-tune into a unique sound that perfectly fits your project.

Analogue power, with MIDI and Sample-trigger inputs; control all input with a single slider; and the terminal output provides an easy route for routing and assignment.

Tubes and Harmonics

In the low-pass filter, it’s based on an old-school op-amp circuit, but with the addition of an exponential-based drive section, it’s hard to tell the difference between the original and modern-day distortion. It creates broad, lush overtones and smooth, natural-sounding voices.

Optimized Compression

When used properly, a compressor can add more low-level harmonic complexity and more powerful high-level harmonics to your mix. Depending on the amount of signal you have, you can easily hit the lowest possible threshold and get the bare minimum of response. Or you can increase the level and add more layers of compression, thereby getting a “warmer” sound with more low-level harmonic complexity. Plektron has done just that – optimised for maximum quality output at minimal CPU usage. You will find this quality compressor will ease your mix down and give you more headroom. For maximum quality, a bit less density is best. For maximum density and gain, more compression is best.Rishvarji

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plektron wtcomp plugin for windows

Plektron WTComp is a powerful audio plugin designed to hep you enhance the output of your music productions.
It’s an analogue tube compressor with a complex structure that uses an audio-clip system  to maximize the output leaving you with a warm sound.




This plugin features a unique sound manipulation system that consists of an array of audio clips. Each clip is a different aspect of the sound (bass, treble, midrange, high frequency and low frequency) with a variety of parameters that you can customize to the specific sound you’re trying to create. This allows you to make subtle but significant changes to the sound that are effectively imperceptible by ear.


The complexity of the system is such that all the generated files are optimized for use in Cubase and we have created an upgrade patch to version 4.61 to upgrade to the Plektron system. We have included this patch in the installation package and it is easy to use.


Effect is like a digital tube compressor with a complex signal path. The plugin features a mix level and a volume level. Mix is the level of the signal which can be reduced in several ways, and volume is the output level you want to increase or reduce. The plugin features an input meter, in which the level of the waveform is displayed over the maximum of waveform, and also a graphic display of the signal that you can use to control the effects, overall the plugin is very easy to use.


The plugin features an overall of three audio-clip systems that consist of:

L – High Frequency Scaling

R – Low Frequency Scaling

T – Midrange Scaling


Specially designed Audio Clips

These audio clips have been designed to allow you to control a wide range of frequencies, but they can also be used to adjust other parameters in the signal path.


Effect on low frequencies and high frequencies is based on headroom. The algorithm of the plugin is based on the compensator concept. For low frequencies, it uses low and high frequencies, so it offers you the ability to scale up or down low frequencies independently of high frequencies


Plektron WTComp Free Download X64 (2022)

It’s hard to find a compressor that comes with a reasonable number of channels for the price. Plektron WTComp is able to provide a maximum of 10 compressed tracks and uses the tracks on-the-fly.

So, when you let Plektron set the levels the compressed audio will be multiplied with the power level of the original track.
The compressor will do its best, yet, still the result is up to you to shape by using the faders.

The side-chain:
Because of the simple but powerful audio-clip system, it’s possible to manipulate individual aspects of the compressed audio by re-mapping the side-chain.
So, for example, an additional amount of headroom could be added by increasing the headroom level of the audio.

Global controls include gain, attack and release time as well as the threshold setting.
It’s recommended to stick with the global controls unless you have an extreme need for processing audio with Plektron.

The compressor supports 2/4/8/16 bit audio.
The valve dynamics, the audio rate and the clip length are adjustable.
The compressor can perform compression or limiting as well as limiting with saturation.

The compressor has a high performance peak-meter and a visual feedback with its LED-indicator.
The LEDs display the current gain, attack and release level.
The release level can be increased.

In Plektron’s own words:
“The plugins features can be described in a few words: Easy to use, variable settings, manual and fixed behaviour…”

Plektron Compressor Features and Functionalities (in one clip):

Ease of use.
The compressor has a friendly user interface and won’t overwhelm you.
It’s very easy to use.

Source routing.
Plektron WTComp can compress input from the microphone, line-in or from any other audio source.
The audio signal can be routed via the global or the side-chain.

Multiple compression.
The compressor can take up to 10 compressed audio tracks as input, therefore is able to tackle a multitude of tasks.

Input level adjustment.
With the global gain control the relative volume of the compressed audio can be controlled.

Input Attenuation.
The input level of Plekt

What’s New in the?

• There is a graphical user interface, but it is entirely customizable.
• Settings:
Plektron WTComp Features:
• Designed for boosting audio from 12-bit and 24-bit audio tracks.
• Rolls off the input signal with increasing volume
• Allows for a fast attack and slow release, as well as a mid-cycle compression
• Includes a major and minor compression control.
• Channel selection is possible in ‘box’ mode.
• Rotates the phase angle as the control progresses.
• Both the user and the effect are fully customizable.
• Control variables are adjustable in ‘window’ mode.
• Features recursion and double tracking.
• Support for PCM and float input signals.
• Undo/redo functionality
• Export to WAV format
● Designed to boost audio signals above the threshold of human hearing.
● In ‘box’ mode, the output is adjustable in volume and phase.
● Allows for a fast attack and slow release, as well as a mid-cycle compression.
● Can be used as a stereo compressor, a mono compressor, or a submixer.
● Supports PCM and float input signals.
● PCM and float signals can be mixed together, which opens up a ton of new possibilities for cool effects.
● Can be applied to either input signal.
• If no audio is present, the effects is transparent.
● Wrapping:
• The ‘wrap’ function allows you to use a variable amount of the compression curve before or after the input signal to allow for a natural ‘progressive’ sound.
● Control variables:
• The ‘window’ controls adjust the amount of compression over time.
• The ‘noise’ controls adjust the ratio of output to input (in dB).
• The ‘ratio’ controls adjust the ratio of output to input (out/in).
• The ‘decay’ controls adjust the time it takes for the effect to slowly attenuate the signal.
• The ‘phase’ controls adjust the phase angle of the output signal.
• The ‘expo’ controls adjust the rate at which the effect attenuates the input signal.
• Export of the user and effect presets.
● Export of user and effect faders.
● Export of the effect settings.
● Export of the effect

System Requirements For Plektron WTComp:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit)
1.6 GHz dual core processor or faster
2 GB of RAM (4 GB for DX11)
2 GB of available disk space
DirectX 11
Xbox 360 and Kinect-compatible controller
For more information on Supported OS and hardware, please visit the AMD link below:
For more information on Supported OS and hardware, please visit the AMD link below:Here’s What I’ve Learned About Making Time for My Own Skin Care Routine