Freedom is a handy piece of software that aims to help you increase your work productivity by enabling you to disconnect from the Internet for any time interval at a time, to avoid online temptations.
Manage sessions via the tray menu and your online Freedom account
An account is required for the application to work. After logging in, Freedom is automatically sent to the system tray, where you can find all its options. Managing, starting and scheduling sessions are done via the right-click menu, as no traditional GUI is available.
Nevertheless, there are a few actions that cannot be performed directly via the tray menu, so you will be redirected to your online Freedom account. Here, you can see and manage all your devices, toggle the locked mode, start new sessions, as well as organize and add new blocklists.
After blocking your web access, a dedicated dialog informs you of your remaining time until the restriction expires.
Block your own Internet access in order to focus on important tasks
Everyone knows that working on a computer means online distractions, such as news websites, games or social media, represent an unavoidable risk, that can eat up precious time out of your daily activities.
Freedom offers you the means of self-imposing a web access restriction period in order to help you focus on your work and get more things done during that time, rather than waste it online.
The application lets you define the amount of time you need the Internet to be inaccessible, having the option of including your network in the mix, as well. Freedom can be configured to run for however long you need, on any day of the week.
Of course, the utility can be disabled, but it requires you to reboot your system, which may deter you from going through with it, thus making it more likely that you will return to your tasks.
A simple tool for self-imposed Internet blocking
All in all, Freedom is a useful and intuitive program that you can rely on for preventing yourself from wasting time on the web, rather than working on your projects and assignments.







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Batch Data Parsing (Text) Description:
While each of your emails, attachments, PDFs, faxes and other documents contain valuable information in text, it can be difficult to locate each piece for the purpose of analysis. OCR-Edge improves search accuracy for images. Powerful and fast OCR engine breaks your images into clear text and gives you full searchable text, much like the text in your emails.

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Save and upload your file on the fly. Dozer lets you browse locally or online and convert files from one format to another. Dozer can read/write multiple file formats including: Text, Audio, Video, Photos, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Video, Image, 3D, and more.

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Batch OCR cleans up all the text in images and other formats to make them searchable and readable. Powerful and fast OCR engine reads documents, images, text, PDF, and more

SqliteToAccess is a data transfer tool, which helps you easily export information or tables from SQLite to Microsoft Access database. The software is easy to use and features a series of step-by-step wizards, which can guide you through the entire process. The data conversion and transfer can be done in a short time.Vision-assisted control of an autonomous mobile robot.
We present a novel approach for real-time control of a mobile robot within its own vision capabilities. The robot, an autonomous sailing vehicle, is equipped with a forward-looking camera to perceive its environment. The robot is also equipped with a vision system which provides a continuous, robust and accurate representation of the relative pose of an object of interest. The approach enables real-time control of the robot’s motion based on the relative pose of a point in the target environment. The objective is to perform a trajectory planner for the robot, with a particular emphasis on maintaining a track or maintaining a path towards a particular object in the environment and executing a maneuver quickly. Our experiments with a prototype show that the approach is robust to changes in the environment, and can achieve a tracking error of the robot of under 1 meter. The approach is novel as it combines a statistical approach with its own perception, and is able to handle a target

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This application was developed for the release of Windows Vista and can be used to save you time and effort by converting screen captures from applications such as Skype, video streaming, MSN Messenger, Office, and even Facebook. All it takes is a screen capture from your screen, save it to the desktop, and Screen OCR Download With Full Crack Description will convert the image into text for you. You can then save the text to your computer in various formats. This can be used as input to any application that supports inputting text such as Excel or Word.
It is not a free image conversion application however. It requires a $99 license fee to be purchased. There are various types of licenses available; one for 24 months, which includes usage for 5 computers, and an annual license, which allows for unlimited computers.
This is an amazing piece of software with a great reputation. It comes with all the features that you could possibly need, and the price of $99 is nothing to scoff at. It has an easy to use interface, but not everyone wants to buy a $99 license.
As the developer has not made an official Windows 7 version, only XP, Vista, and Windows 2000 are supported.
ConvertScreen Description:
This free Windows screen capture software application comes with all the features that you would ever need. It comes with a screen capture capabilities, and it has various compression options that you can choose from. You can even save the screen capture for later. It also comes with a neat image filter, and it contains an option for converting color images into black and white ones.
However, it is a trial version, so you can only use it for 30 days. The developer does not have a Windows 7 version, so only Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 2000 are supported.
The trial version of WinImage has all the basic features that a basic screen capture software application should have, which makes it a great choice for Windows users. The trial version costs $49, and the full version costs $199. But just be aware that the full version of WinImage only works on Windows 7, so if you are going to get the full version, you would have to download Windows 7.
7-Zip: Free and Safe Unzip Utility to Extract Archived Files
It is designed to be a free and safe file archiver, which allows you to unzip many archived formats. Once you have download this software, it is extremely simple to operate, and you can unzip files anywhere you are able

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Screen OCR Description:
This is a very useful application for those who use a computer for profession such as Web design, desktop publishing, office system, in the office and the growing usage of digital cameras.
It can recognize images in the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, Adobe PDF and Excel/Word files which contains text, business documents, memos etc. (Word and Excel are required). After that you can do some fun things with your images.
Designing your own homepage for the first time can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive. However, Photoshop Page Designer makes the process easy and fast.
1. Select the type of webpage you wish to design from the drop-down menu.
2. Then go to File and in the menus select Export and then Save as.
3. In the Save as window type a name for the page and then press the OK button.
4. Now export a PDF file of the page using the Save For Web & Devices (Windows) or Save as (OS X) option.
5. The Save as PDF file contains information in the files necessary for Photoshop to complete the page design.
6. Open the Photoshop Page Designer file in Photoshop.
7. In the menus select File and then open the Photoshop Page Designer file.
8. Once the Photoshop Page Designer has loaded on your screen you should see a blue area containing all the layers.
9. You can manipulate the layers in any way you wish to change them, invert them, or flatten the layers.
10. Once you’re ready, go to File and then Export.
11. Select a format, such as HTML, PNG, PSD, GIF, JPEG, and then press the OK button.
12. The Save For Web & Devices window appears. Select a file name and place a check in the boxes below.
13. In the Save As dialog box you will be able to select a Web Folder. If you do not want to have your web pages shared with the public, select it. You can change this setting later in the File Properties window.
14. After you have selected the location you want to save your web page, press the Save button.
This program is reasonably priced, feature-packed software that can help any marketer save a lot of time and money by automatically generating hundreds of ready-made special text ad images from plain text news stories, or just raw text content.
With this program, you can convert text (including HTML

What’s New in the?

Screen OCR is a portable utility that can convert the Screen Capture Videos into an image format, then you can add watermark, crop, and process your work files, also you can use other OCR program to edit. You can select the process all your image files, it can batch process, scan your video one by one. It contains ICLayer, Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/10.Ocrx,ProcessAllFiles,Jpg/Png/Etc.


WAV to M4A Converter is an easy to use M4A audio converter tool that can convert WAV to M4A audio easily. With WAV to M4A Converter, you can convert WAV to M4A audio file with high quality. All the process of converting WAV to M4A audio will be taken care by WAV to M4A Converter. No programing, no installer, no additional software needed. Just some easy-to-use conversion wizard. One-click, everything done.


Android Screen Recorder is a desktop application that lets you record your Android phone screen activity for free, including screen recording of apps, notification, all apps working, and swiping.
Screen recording is useful to record your screen activity of your Android phone, and you can use screen recording as screencasting that is so helpful to use your phone.
Android Screen Recorder can record the screen of your Android phone including app screen, notifications, all apps working, swiping and drag.
You can share your screen recording with your friends through email or other services.
Android Screen Recorder is free and easy to use.


iSight Video Capture allows you to take snapshots of any portion of your Mac desktop screen. You can capture specific windows, files, and even selected regions of your desktop screen. You can use the still images as thumbnails or save them as individual files.


EveryAction is a simple yet powerful Windows utility designed for security monitoring.
It offers you the ability to record and capture in real time any activity performed on your PC, including every keystroke and mouse click.
The log file provides you with access to all the records, so that you can easily find lost information, track your account activity, and discover malicious activity.
EveryAction will help you manage the security of your computer and protect you from

System Requirements:

Compatible with the following third-party products:
Overwatch (all platforms)
(all platforms) Heroes of the Storm (all platforms)
(all platforms) World of Warcraft (all platforms)
(all platforms) Diablo III (all platforms)
(all platforms) Star Wars: Battlefront (PC)
(PC) Gears of War (PC)
(PC) Destiny (PC)
Minimum specifications:
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Windows 7, Windows