ScreenScraper Studio will provide users with a screen scraping software that will help you quickly and easily extract text out of regions, windows and GUI controls of web and desktop apps and creates code to automate screen scraping. Studio includes:
Screen scraper & UI Automation wizards:
Let you explore screen scraping and UI automation options.
Automation script generator:
Generates Javascript that automates text extraction or GUI controls of other apps.
Source code generator:
C++, C#, VB6, VB.Net, Delphi code to easily empower your app to screen scrape or automate GUI.
ScreenScraper SDK is the redistributable software library that you can deploy with your app. SDK includes:
Screen scraping library:
Enables your app to get text out of screen regions or entire scrolling windows.
UI automation library:
Recognizes UI controls using an xpath identifier; offers methods to click controls and write text to fields.
Screen selection library:
Lets you select regions and UI controls on the screen.


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Download 🔗






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ScreenScraper Studio For Windows 10 Crack is the best tool to extract text from the web pages. It has unique features to help you extract text out of other apps easily and quickly. It can be used to extract text from the web pages, applications and desktop.
Key features of ScreenScraper Studio:
Drag and Drop
Drag and drop the portion of the web page or window of the desktop application into ScreenScraper Studio, and use a Wizard to extract text from the grabbed region easily.
You can also select multiple web pages or windows of web applications to extract text.
Syntax highlighting
Enable syntax highlighting to quickly locate relevant text while extracting text.
Text extraction wizard
Select one region, multiple regions or entire page or window of the desktop application and extract text from the region, multiple regions or the entire page or window of the application with the help of a wizard.
Support for other browsers
Drag and drop the window of other browsers and extract text from it.
Intelligent discovery
Drag and drop a window or region on the screen and the program will automatically find text that matches patterns and jump directly to that text.
Include files
Drag and drop a text file to add text from the file to the extraction.
Beautiful UI
ScreenScraper Studio was designed to have a beautiful UI and easy to use features. It is also fun to use.

Templates and features:
Empower your app with unique features with the help of templates and wizards. ScreenScraper Studio comes with hundreds of templates that you can use for your next app project.
Template gallery:
Find free and paid templates to quickly create your own app.
Wizard library:
Manage all of the available templates with the help of a wizard.
Run time reporting:
You can monitor, analyze and report all of the activities and text extracted by your app.
Selective extraction:
Drag and drop a window or region of the desktop application and extract only the part of the region you want to extract text.
Extract lines from text editor:
Extract text from text editor based on cursor location.
Save text to file:
Save text to a file and use it later on.
Run the app
Simply run ScreenScraper Studio on your desktop or web server and your app will be immediately ready to use.
User-friendly and easy to use interface:
ScreenScraper Studio is designed to be easy to use. It is also fun to use and to work with.

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ScreenScraper Studio Download [Mac/Win]

The ScreenScraper Studio comes with a source code generator that can be used to generate C++, C#, Delphi, VB.NET or VB6 code to easily empower your app to screen scrape or automate the GUI of other apps. The Studio also comes with a separate UI Automation SDK.
In addition to this, the Studio also includes a powerful screen scraper that makes it easy to get the text from various regions and the GUI of other apps without knowing the programming languages.
To use this tool you need a copy of the license to distribute it.

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What’s New in the ScreenScraper Studio?

Quickly and easily extract text out of regions, windows and GUI controls of web and desktop apps.
ScreenScraper Studio will provide you with an easy way to automate screen scraping of websites.

Extract text out of any Web application, fully customizable in any programming language.
Screen scraping supports Win32, OS X, iOS and Android systems.
ScreenScraper SDK can be integrated into your existing app to quickly enhance your app with the capabilities of screen scraping.
Screen scraping with text extraction can be done with xpath, css, or html to scrape any web content.

In this article, we will show you how to use Web scraping tool in ASP.Net with C# language. This is a useful tool to collect data from websites or other web resources. You can find the right information or data from your source. We will be using this Web scraping tool in our Web development project. This tool is very easy to use.

This is not the first time we are going to show you about the Web scraping tool. Previously, we have shared a basic tutorial in this blog How to scrape web using C# and Web Scraping tool Scrape.IO. If you are not familiar with Scrape.IO web scraping tool, you should check it out first. This is a free service. Before using this Web scraping tool, you should go through this tutorial to get better understanding of this tool.

Web scraping is a process of collecting data from web resources like websites, blogs, newsgroups, online discussions and forums. You can do this using Web scraping tool. This article is about the Web scraping tool Web scraping tool in ASP.NET.


Before start web scraping, it is necessary to have the following prerequisites:

ASP.Net application:
An ASP.NET application is a combination of web pages and other web components like images, forms and scripts. You need an ASP.NET application to use this Web scraping tool.

ASP.NET Web form:
ASP.NET Web form is a web form that is developed with ASP.NET. You can add web controls to a web form and modify the web form properties using ASP.NET. You can develop the form and add the controls using Visual Studio.

Configuring Web Scraping tool

There are two ways to configure web scraping tool. You can configure web scraping tool either through the configuration file or web scraping tool’s UI (user interface). This article shows you the Web scraping tool’s UI.

To configure web scraping tool through the web scraping tool’s UI, you should go to the settings page, as shown in the following figure:

You can set up your credentials, API key and domain to the web scraping tool from this web scraping tool’s UI.

You can click on API key and select the

System Requirements For ScreenScraper Studio:

AMD A-series or Intel Core i5-series CPU
Minimum of 8 GB of RAM (16 GB recommended)
Minimum of 10 GB of free space on your hard drive
64-bit OS (Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10)
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