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Seal Maker is the ultimate stamp and seal creator for making your own customized seals and stamps.

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Seal Maker is a digital stamp creator that allows users to create professional watermarks that will help you protect your digital assets and give them additional visibility.
Tiny Seal Maker and Watermark Maker are small and easy to use, but they can do much more than just make a basic stamp, text or picture.
Create a professional watermark that will increase the visibility of your digital documents, thanks to the included options to change and customize the stamp’s look.
Compatible with:
Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Linux

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Seal Maker PC/Windows

Seal Maker is a software for creating stamps and seals. Its main feature is a simple user interface that allows beginners to create stunning items that they can directly print, save and use in their regular day-to-day work.

-Stamp Size selection
-Select an image or create a custom stamp
-Picture alignment
-Text alignment
-Editing a stamp
-Crop stamp area
-Create a seal
-Control stamp paper color
-Embed seal on image
-Extend and retract effect
-Draw a line to the stamp
-Emulate print preview
-Access files
-Export a stamp to a file
-Saves stamp as BMP files
-Create and save a stamp in the directory

Seal Maker’s interface is simple and streamlined, making it easy for a beginner to start creating a stamp or seal in minutes. Users with little experience can save stamps, crop an image, edit lines of text, and align pictures, while advanced users can use tools like shadow, smudging, and color.

Seal Maker offers a full set of stamps and seals, such as different line types, different stamps for different paper types, and seals that can be applied on papers, images, and more. For example, you can use the stamps as a badge, keep your document on a stamp, or even save a stamp and use it as a watermark.

Printing your creation is done in minutes and without any extra software. Seals can be applied on documents, as well as on images or a video, and stamps can be applied on images to create them watermarked. Saving your seal to a BMP file means it can be used on any computer, or shared in a network, so you can have your friends and family create their own seals and stamps.

Teach your users how to use Seal Maker easily with the help of this video tutorial.

Once you complete the tutorial, keep Seals Maker on your computer so you can create and share more stamps and seals.

Seal Maker is very useful for business cards, posters, documents and other paper products.

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What’s New In?

Pierce the surface of letters, photos, and files with a stamp made with this interesting program.
Set the style with your own images and make seals and stamps of any type.
Create stamps with text, pictures, and shapes.
Manipulate the lettering with the click of a mouse.
Unlock the secrets of pixel art and bring it to the surface of your document.
Seal your creations with templates of original style or author your own seal or seal stamp.
Set and save your own style.
And much more!
Let’s get started!
Seal Maker Features:
◆ Original – Original (background of document and seal)
◆ Copperplate – Lettering with Copperplate
◆ Watercolor – Watercolor
◆ Digital – Lettering with digital
◆ Traced – Traced
◆ Handwritten – Handwriting
◆ Black – Black
◆ Blue – Blue
◆ Brown – Brown
◆ Cyan – Cyan
◆ Dark Gray – Dark gray
◆ Gray – Gray
◆ Green – Green
◆ Light Gray – Light gray
◆ Magenta – Magenta
◆ Orange – Orange
◆ Pink – Pink
◆ Purple – Purple
◆ Red – Red
◆ Yellow – Yellow
◆ White – White
◆ 12 – 12 inches
◆ 16 – 16 inches
◆ 24 – 24 inches
◆ 1 – 1 inch
◆ 8 – 8 inches
◆ Printing:
◆ 1 print out
◆ 100 – 100 copies
◆ 250 – 250 copies
◆ 500 – 500 copies
◆ 1,000 – 1,000 copies
◆ 5,000 – 5,000 copies
◆ 10,000 – 10,000 copies
◆ Oval
◆ Circle
◆ Rectangle
◆ Triangle
◆ 4 – 4 characters
◆ 8 – 8 characters
◆ Alpha – Alpha
◆ B/W – B/W
◆ B/W with Underline – B/W with Underline
◆ Bold – Bold
◆ Bold Italic – Bold Italic
◆ B/W Italic – B/W Italic
◆ Italic – Italic
◆ Bold and Italic – Bold and Italic
◆ Roman –

System Requirements:

4GB Memory
8GB Hard Disk
DirectX 11 / Direct3D 11.2
HDD Space for installation: minimum is 6 GB
Other Requirements:
SENet Vulnerability:
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