SIM provides a plugins-based instant messenger that supports various protocols and is based on the Qt library.
All protocols support richtext-messages, file transfer, typing notification, server-side contact list (with postponed synchronization – you can change contact list in offline mode and after log on all changes will be synchronized with server), new account registration, various searches and HTTP-polling.
Here are some key features of “SIM IM”:
■ Oscar – ICQ and AIM support
■ Jabber support
■ LiveJournal support
■ MSN support
■ Yahoo! support







SIM-IM Crack + Free Registration Code Free Download [Latest]

SIM-IM For Windows 10 Crack is very simple to use, yet with many options for advanced users. SIM-IM allows you to search names using:
1. Your local address book
2. The local address book at your online address
3. A search list for searching for people with specific features or common keywords
SIM-IM contains a local address book, but also requires a Server-side address book. SIM-IM is also capable of searching your server-side address book. Even if you don’t have a server-side address book SIM-IM can still find people within the same server-side room or on other servers. With SIM-IM you don’t have to keep two address books.
SIM-IM as a Live Journal member, can access your Live Journal address book and join any Live Journal room you choose. SIM-IM use the new Live Journal API for automatic search, this let SIM-IM join livejournal rooms anytime, and you can select which rooms to join. Live Journal has many great feature to help you find people like Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, etc…
SIM-IM is similar to other Instant Messengers in that it’s easy to use, but more powerful than other IM services.
SIM-IM Guide:
While SIM-IM is very similar to other instant messengers, it’s overall simpler to use. SIM-IM has two major differences over other Instant Messengers. SIM-IM uses the familiar interface of an instant messaging program. Sim-IM is based on the Qt library, and therefore allows many additional features, many of which are simply not found on other instant messengers. SIM-IM is a instant messenger and can do many other things besides messaging, such as file sharing, multi-user chats, and calendars.
* Tap on the contact list to select a contact
* From a contact list, tap on “Contact Properties”
* Tap on “mimChatHistory.txt” to edit the text:
– Username: %username
– Color: %color
– Status: %status
* Tap on “Send (SMS)”
* Enter a message
* You can also use the following commands:
– To determine if the contact is online
– To change the status of the contact
* Add a photo
* Edit the photo
* To delete a photo
* To change color
* To change the username
* To change text
* To change status
* To remove a photo from a contact

SIM-IM Download

SIM Instant Messaging Client is a Window-based client for ICQ IM (AIM), MSN, Yahoo! and Livejournal. It provides rich text messages and file transfer, and additional features like typing notification, contact list with postponed synchronization and a lot of options for searching. You can type and send files, list contacts and other info into rich text messages, and all your online status is synchronized with your server. In offlines you can modify contacts’ details and after login all changes will be synchronized with server.
■ Easy to setup and use
■ Protocols supporting: AIM, ICQ, JABBER, MSN, LIVEJOURNAL, MSDOS, FTP, RTSP, HTTP-polling
■ Xmpp, SNPP, Fling support
■ Colloquy plugin support
■ Automatic account logging in
■ Support for IM logins via
■ Webcam support
■ IM services synchronization with ICQ IM Server, Livejournal, MSN, Yahoo!
■ Support for contact lists with postponed synchronization and postponed synchronization with contact list.
■ Supports various IM protocols: AIM, ICQ, JABBER, MSN, LIVEJOURNAL, MSDOS, FTP, RTSP, HTTP-polling
■ Webcam, video/voice support
■ Support for SMS and pre-typed message
■ Supports delay confirmation for contact list entries
■ Works on all Windows versions, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux
■ Support for superkaramba skins
■ Keyboard hotkeys
■ Direct contact list navigation
■ Supports custom mime-types, external and internal plugins support
What’s New:
– Uploading files to chat box using an external filebrowser – done with version 2.0.6
– Fixed RTSP start issue
– Fixed Delphi 5 support
– Fixed localization issue
– Fixed creation of chat history window
– Improved logging and error handling
– Fixed with some MSRPIs
– Fixed HotJava style
– Fixed GIGABYTE ACPI-SATA hotplug issue
– Fixed geolocation on Windows 7
– Fixed hardware acceleration issue
– Fixed qt-i386-mingw32

SIM-IM With Serial Key

With its simplicity, friendliness, extendibility and good looks SIMIM quickly establishes itself as the most popular IM-program on all three major operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
SIMIM 2.4.2
– WebAccess
– Look and Feel
– IM-Menus
– New Search Tips UI
– New Search Icon and PopUpMenu
– External Commands Shell (CMD.EXE)
– IDCard
– MultiRoutes
– FeatureCombo
– AutoRoots
– Preloader
– Postponed syncronization
– UTF-8 as default encoding
– Binary file transfer
– Automatic map configuration
– Free Space Monitor
– Path configuration
– Graphical logs
– Sigendication
– Basic-ssl-support
– SSL-support (TLS with draft-8)
– Server-side contact list
– Support for iptables based access lists
– Postponed syncronization of contacts
– Auto-add of offline-contacts
– Contact list on server
– VCF vCard export
– Support for vCard-v4
– Remote Contacts
– Remote Group
– Auto-sync configuration
– Autoclear
– By changed date
– By changed time
– By added files
– By changed size
– Regex-support
– Authorization file
– Customizable language selector
– Customizable Username and Password
– Customizable colour schemes
– Auto-increment of chat-log id
– Autopopup-messages
– Auto-export messages to external editor
– Auto-export files to external editor
– Auto-emailservice
– Auto-signal
– Export properties
– Backup
– Backup-menu
– Backup-manager
– Backup-file
– Backup-image
– Backup-mySQL
– Backup-ODBC
– Backup-ODBC.Net
– Backup-PHP
– Backup-PHP.Net
– Backup-PostgreSQL
– Backup-PostgreSQL.Net
– Backup-Ini
– Backup-JSON
– Backup-JSON.Net
– Backup-jQuery
– Backup-jQuery.Net
– Backup-SQLite

What’s New In SIM-IM?

Multi-protocol IM client supporting MUCs, presence, roomnig, and other IM
protocols, file and image transfer and rich text messages. Support for
the modern IM features that make online discussion easier and more
Linux, GTK+/Qt3 or Qt4, sip, libsip, libisession, libsip-ua-modules,
libsip-ua-proto, libsip-ua-sdp, libnad, libqmysql, MySQL-server, Qt3,
How to install:
This application needs a MySQL database to work. Please follow these
instructions to create one before compiling the application.
To install the application, open a console/terminal and do:
svn co svn:// sim-im-svn
cd sim-im-svn
The new version of SIM will appear in /opt/sim-im/
You can run the application after installation with this command:
The new version of SIM will appear in /opt/sim-im/
After installation you can find the SIM application in ~/.sim-im/app and
in the tray icon.
How to uninstall:
To uninstall the application, open a console/terminal and do:
svn co svn:// sim-im-svn
cd sim-im-svn
Uninstallation will only delete the contents of the application cache and the
cache will be recreated the next time the application is run.Groupon didn’t get your email from Facebook, but we need it to sign you up.

If you’d like to share it with us so you can take advantage of Facebook Login, you can update your Facebook permissions to give us access to your email. If not, you can always sign up for a Groupon account without using Facebook.



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Linux OS Kernel 2.6.18 or greater.
Minimum OS version: Windows XP SP2.
Recommended OS version: Windows 7 or later.
CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo (C2D) 1.86GHz or better.
Memory: 3 GB of RAM
HDD Space: 4 GB available space
GPU: GeForce 8800 GTX (or greater)
Extra: DirectX 9