Simple Shutdown is a lightweight Windows application that lets you schedule a computer shutdown or restart.
If you’re in the market looking for this kind of solution, you definitely know that there are tons of similar apps out there, so it’s very important to find one that serves its purpose without too much effort.
That’s the case of Simple Shutdown, as the program relies on a minimal interface and very simple options, with no other configuration tools or menus that could make the whole process a lot more complicated.
Simple Shutdown can perform multiple operations, including shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate, power off for Win 2k systems and suspend, with a separate option to force the action in case some running applications are blocking it.
Of course, you are allowed to schedule the action at a user-defined time or simply execute it after a configured number of minutes. Afterward, the application can be minimized to Tray and wait for the scheduled action to be started.
Although you need to keep it running most of the time, Simple Shutdown is not at all a resource hog and doesn’t affect system performance, working flawlessly on all Windows versions out there.
All things considered, Simple Shutdown is quite a basic software solution capable of scheduling a system shutdown, offering a very simple interface and a reduced number of options to configure the process. It has a low memory footprint and can work with all Windows iterations on the market.


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This little application can be used to perform shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate, power off of Windows 2000 systems, and even suspend it for a number of minutes.
It requires a user to simply create a schedule, set the schedule time and the number of hours, and that’s it.
This app is hardly noticed and doesn’t even require any personal information.
The application schedules shutdown at a user-defined time, while also allowing the user to choose to power off the PC after a number of minutes.
Afterwards, the system can be restarted, restarted after having shut down, power off the PC or leave it suspended.
With the few options available, the functionality of this app is really basic and hardly requires any tweaking, which is quite a plus. The application is very lightweight, and the interface is very simple and easy to use.

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Simple Shutdown Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a perfect solution for users that have to schedule system shutdowns. A Windows shutdown program that comes with a minimalist interface and very few options to configure, it’s a simple utility that works on all Windows systems to the date, even on those that won’t run properly in case they are configured without Administrator permission.
While it’s true that we can consider the whole concept as a bit extreme when compared to other possible solutions out there, Simple Shutdown Cracked Accounts is capable of performing multiple functions, including shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate, power off and suspend, with a separate option to force the action.
If you need to automate a system shutdown, shutdown or restart, Simple Shutdown is probably the best solution. The program relies on a very straightforward user interface that includes only two options and a “Schedule” button to start a scheduled shutdown.
The first option lets you choose which operation to perform, either shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate, power off or suspend. The latter is just a checkbox and a button to force the action to happen.
After the scheduled action is performed, a notification window pops up to inform you about the process that is about to be executed. A simple and minimalist interface that can be used by anyone, Simple Shutdown is just a great utility for every Windows user.
Simple Shutdown Key Features:
· Schedule a Windows shutdown and/or restart in a later time.
· Shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate, power off or suspend of a single or multiple computers.
· Shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate, power off or suspend of a specific user or all users.
· Scheduled shutdown of Windows versions up to Windows 10.
· Scheduled reboot of Windows versions up to Windows 10.
· Command line support.
· Command line operations to shutdown, reboot, hibernate, power off and suspend of a Windows system or even a server.
· Simple graphical user interface that allows you to schedule a shutdown, reboot, logoff, hibernate, power off or suspend of a specific user or all users.
· User and machine specific options.
· Built-in timeout management to prevent automatic shutdown when there are no users present.
· Two buttons to schedule a shutdown at a desired time or to force a specific action to happen.
· Notifies you by a small window if the scheduled action hasn’t happened yet.
· Runs on all Windows versions out there

Simple Shutdown With Product Key

Simple Shutdown is a free Windows application that lets you schedule a computer shutdown or restart.
After a user-defined time, you can schedule the process to be performed automatically at a certain date or at a specified time. The tool allows you to define whether to shutdown or restart your computer as well as whether to run a restart, shutdown or logoff action.
When the scheduled action is performed, the app shows a progress bar that shows the shutdown or restart status. Afterward, the software lets you choose the computer logoff or hibernate action.
In addition to the scheduling process, Simple Shutdown is compatible with a number of different actions.
Among them, you can choose to shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate, power off, suspend, or create a scheduled shutdown or reboot to be performed at a later time. Of course, you can also force a shutdown to be performed if some running applications are in the way.
With the included schedule tool, you can select the end date for the shutdown or restart task. This function can be helpful to avoid partial system crashes.
In addition, you can assign a name to the scheduled action and save the settings if you prefer to execute it in the future. The application lets you view the schedule for any specified action at any time, even if the scheduled process is already in progress.
Simple Shutdown has a very limited interface. The main options are Start, Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, Hibernate, Power Off, Suspend and Schedule.
After selecting an action, you can configure the time period between the system shutdown or restart. All the possible options are configured with a suitable warning message when the start or end date is set to a date before the current date.
So, if you’re in need of a simple solution to shutdown and/or restart your computer, a Windows-based program that can be scheduled at an assigned time, this is the most convenient solution at hand.
Alternatively, Simple Shutdown allows you to schedule shutdown and restart actions at a time of your choosing, and if the selected applications are blocking the process, you can force the restart action to proceed.
All of the operations performed by the software are scheduled. The start and end dates are configured in a user-friendly manner.
The shutdown and restart options are displayed, and you can choose logoff, hibernate, power off, suspend or create a scheduled shutdown or restart. A convenient schedule tab displays the date and time when the selected action

What’s New in the Simple Shutdown?

Simple Shutdown is a simple tool that lets you perform different kinds of operations with a Windows Shutdown without having to log off or reboot.
The program offers you the possibility to schedule the shutdown or restart at a certain time, or even to force the action immediately.
Using the Classic GUI, you can choose from all the usual operations such as Restart, Shutdown, Hibernate, Logoff, Power Off, Suspend or just Take Computer Off Line.
In addition, it offers you the possibility to decide whether to allow the user to choose the shutdown point or not, with the option to block all the actions on your computer. The application supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and older Windows versions.
The installation process is simple and only requires you to select the file and select the installation wizard. In order to provide you with the possibility to execute the scheduled action, you are required to keep Simple Shutdown running even after starting the scheduled action.
If you are planning to have your computer turned off for a certain period of time, you can set a schedule and make sure it is respected after you decide to turn off your computer. This means that you won’t need to start your computer next week to find that the scheduled action has taken place.
Simple Shutdown Setup:
Simple Shutdown is available in two different versions: Free and Pro.
The Free version doesn’t contain any of the advanced features, so it only lets you perform the basic functions and that’s it.
The Pro version, however, has more features and it can also control your Mac computers. You can find out more about this powerful version in the…

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System Requirements For Simple Shutdown:

1. Windows 7 64bit with latest Windows Updates and latest drivers installed.
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