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Jul 5, 2020

This video should be on the #TBL lesson each week. He talks about what happened at school as well as what it means for their life, who might be the bully or victim, who I can check in with (mom, aunt, teacher, another child), as well as steps I can take to avoid or handle an attack.
He explains what an attack is and what a bully is. The types of fights and assaults, what effects they have, why people find and are motivated to fight, and how to respond as a bystander.
Also, he explains what bullying looks like, who you can check in with, how to help, how to avoid, or how to stop an attack.
Learn more about this by watching here:
#tragic, #bullying, #teen, #cute, #kid, #family, #fight, #violence, #attack

Hey guys, I filmed this at the hotel in the convention center when we went to the VMAS in Atlanta last month, and I’m going to be streaming it soon, so keep an eye out. I already have plans to make it part one of a two part series 🙂
Hope you enjoy! Feel free to share this wherever you like as well!
Here are the links:
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