Synology Assistant is an effective and reliable piece of software worth having when you need to manage and organize Synology DiskStations available in your network. It is a useful program, especially when you have multiple computers working within LAN (Local Area Network).
When you launch the program for the first time, it will automatically scan your network and will display each identified device in the proper list.
In case you decide to minimize the application to the system tray, all the processes will remain active letting you to attach a total number of two printers and share them so other computers available in the network can make use of such devices.
Synology DiskStation(s) comes with a multi-tabbed interface from where you can easily search and connect to a DiskStation, monitor your server’s resources and add a new printer in order to share it.
The first tab, namely ‘Management’ enables you to search for available disk stations in LAN, connect to them, map a drive and set up the WOL option (Wake-on-LAN) so you can turn on a server remotely.
By navigating to the second tab, entitled ‘Resource Monitor’, you are able to easily monitor the available server’s resources, here referring to CPU and memory usage, LAN and volume usage. The Add button launches a new window from where you can select the server you want to be monitored or manually set its connections such as protocol, hostname, port number and name.
Finally, the ‘Printer Device’ tab provides central management of printers attached to your DiskStation, thus sharing them and letting other computers to make use of your device. In case the application is not able to automatically update the IP of your printer, you can manually set the address by selecting the device you are interested in and press the ‘Edit’ button.
To conclude, Synology Assistant proves to be a steady solution when it comes to managing Synology DiskStations and monitoring their resources.







Synology Assistant Keygen [Mac/Win] [March-2022]

* Connect to synology diskstation in your local network and manage your disk station easily.* Displays network diskstation and diskstation resource monitor.* Be to device location without wired connection.

Backup Your Data from Internet with WebSquirrel!

WebSquirrel is back! Thanks for your downloads and support over the past few years.
We are proud to announce WebSquirrel 2.0.
In this version of the program, the download page, settings page, and the registration page were completely re-written and are now far more user-friendly and intuitive.
The settings page now has the option to backup your data to the computer itself instead of sending it to a remote server, and supports a web-based “autobackup” feature for when you forget to select an export location.
The new settings page also provides checkboxes for the “Fill with default settings” and “Save database as HTML” features, so you can easily make custom settings or even choose to use the default settings.
The program now supports Unicode for the web pages, giving you your webpages in whatever language you prefer.
We have also added some updates to the default settings for faster and easier handling.
WebSquirrel is a program that can be used in conjunction with Web Link Manager, which makes your backups available on almost any computer you would like. With WebLink Manager (not included with WebSquirrel), you can backup to FTP, HTTP(S), Box, WebDAV, or Amazon S3, among other services. Additionally, you can manage your server, host, and domain (via the WebLink Manager) from one place.
Check out the software at:

How to use WebSquirrel for backup purposes?

1. Download WebSquirrel from the web site Install and run the program on your computer. Don’t forget to create an account as you need to supply us with the account information when you want to backup your data. If you use web site you can register your web site as well (free) to receive notification when your site is upgraded.3. Choose to backup your site directory, your database or backup everything.

I was having problems with the Tansik, I was getting errors like “access denied” then the destination server was actually going to another host or a different IP address.

I believe I had the IPS

Synology Assistant [32|64bit] (Final 2022)

Online Control Panel for Synology DiskStations. Easily control and monitor your Synology NAS from anywhere on the web. Automatically manage your devices, receive Instant Updates, and enjoy Remote-Access for the Business. Features: On-Line Control and Online Monitoring Remote management over the Web (http, samba, ftp, ssh)

Remotely control/restart/install software/software packages/services

Full remote access to your NAS/system

Manage your settings and make changes to hardware/software

Scheduled tasks/reminder/alerts

Remote access management

Synchronization of settings across multiple devices


Synology is a manufacturer of network attached storage (NAS) systems. The company became famous for its Netgear ReadyNAS devices which later evolved into the Synology DiskStation series of products.

What’s in the box?

Synology Package Contents:

1x Synology Assistant Crack Keygen Device

1x Stand-Alone User License


What’s New


– added all new features into the Control Center

– fixed printer samba server

– fixed ‘Mini ISCSI’ issue

– fixed ‘Mini ISCSI’ issue

– added event names in Control Center

– fixed bug “Synology.txt” is not valid anymore if you use.rar files package

License Agreement

This Agreement (“Agreement”) contains the complete terms and conditions regarding the use of and/or registration for access to the Synology Website (“Site”). In general, Synology products can be downloaded from the Site and used with reference to the Agreement, but the scope and manner of such use is limited to those terms and conditions that are stated in this Agreement. Synology reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to revise this Agreement at any time, and any revised version of this Agreement will be posted on the Site and, where appropriate, this Agreement will be updated on the Site, without prior notice.


Synology Assistant

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What’s New In?

• Automatically scans and lists the available DiskStations in your network
• Attaches a total of 2 printers and shares them in the network
• Allows you to monitor your DiskStation’s resources and set them up accordingly

Synology NAS Manager is a tool allowing you to manage all the tasks connected with the devices attached to a NAS server. It connects to all your DiskStation and enables you to administrate their configuration and access their files.
Depending on the needs, you can launch it as a standalone application or even launch it to your desktop from where you can connect to a NAS directly in order to change its settings and files.
Synology NAS Manager allows you to access the following functionalities:
– Manage DiskStations attached to a NAS server
– Change the configuration of each disk station or create and configure new devices as needed
– Search, share and configure a new printer
– Sync configurations between DiskStations and one or several computers available in your network
– Browse and connect to the files attached to your DiskStation
– Manage NAS and share it with others

NAS AppStation is a free application available for Synology DiskStations which allows you to perform many tasks such as:
• Browse your device’s internal drives and manage its files
• Configure a file sharing connection
• Remotely administrate a DiskStation from a remote computer

NAS Center is a small free application available for DiskStations running on firmware 11.5 and lower. It enables you to remotely administrate a DiskStation and perform a number of tasks.
In order to launch the software, use the following commands:
1- Mount the NAS repository if the file is not already mounted
2- Run the NAS Center application
3- To unmount the NAS repository, use the following command:
Unmount NAS Repository
NAS Center Description:
• View the status of all installed applications
• Manage the features and settings of DiskStations
• Browse the files and folders located on the NAS’s filesystem
• Control the printer connections and resources
• Manage the standard features and settings of DiskStations

NAS Monitor is a free application available for DiskStations running on firmware 3.2 and lower. It allows you to remotely administrate a DiskStation and perform a number of tasks.
In order to launch the application, use the following commands:
1- Launch the NAS Monitor application
2- To unmount the NAS

System Requirements:

Minimum requirements:
OS: Windows XP or higher Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core processor or higher recommended
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 2 GB free space
Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible with latest version of graphics card driver installed
Input Devices: Keyboard, Mouse
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card with installed audio drivers
Additional Notes:
Plug-in: The game currently has an optional Windows registry plug-in which can be downloaded from the MacGame