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The post-silent portion of the trumpet is one of the most mysterious events in a concert because both the glissando and the trill are complex to execute.

In this video, Eric Haus and Ben Kain of the Houston Brass Ensemble walk through the entire range of the trumpet, from the lowest keys on the instrument to the upper extremes. They note which keys are easy and which are more difficult, and explain the various shapes that can be used to accomplish the trills and glissandos in that range.

Here’s a summary of the range, showing the notes on the instrument, and the corresponding keys on the piano:

Butterfly glissando notes- Key of G

Cucumber glissando notes- Key of A

Corkscrew glissando notes- Key of E

Bermuda Triangle glissando notes- Key of C

Comb glissando notes- Key of F

Corkscrew glissando notes (inverted)- Key of C (second note)

Bermuda Triangle glissando notes (inverted)- Key of E

As you can see, the key of C, as a “corkscrew,” is the most difficult of the glissandos to play. It’s followed by an easier key of E, then the key of C in a “butterfly.”

Since the rest of the trumpet range is shared by both the fluegelhorn and the trumpet, it is possible for a soloist to cover both ranges, but it’s usually the trumpet that is given the glissando passages, while the fluegelhorn keeps on being “mute.” That’s the only way that section of the music can be written, though it’s possible to incorporate the glissando into other sections.Q:

Run processing on data in a node.js server/socketIO

I have a basic “Node.js with socketio (on the server side) and Angular on the client side” setup and I want to be able to fire a process when a user performs an operation on the server (like an input).
Till now I have been using Node.js to check all events in the client that are trigged in the socket (using on). The issue with that is that it is “laggy” as the client can’t “intercept” the actual processing that is happening. I’m looking for a solution


Zeus: Pan Olimpu Zlota Edycja
May 15, 2019
Zeus: Pan Olimpu Zlota Edycja – Złota Edition with DRM-Free version and Multiplayer Mode now available for download at WebSite.
Zeus Pan Olimpu (Zeus: Pan Olimpu, Zeus: Pan Olimpu, Zeus Pan Olimpu, Zeus Pan Olimpu, Zeus Pan Olimpu,  ) is a monumental 3D city-building game, set in a futuristic,

How to close an open popup window in Grails GSP?

I have a Grails GSP where I am generating a popup window. Here is the layout that is in the GSP:

Export Data
Blah Blah Blah

Blah Blah Blah

I open the popup as follows:

And I have the following function to generate the popup window:
function OpenPopupWindow() {
var ctl = document.getElementById(“inputDiv”);
if ( == “block” )
{ = “none”;
else { = “block”;

What I want to do is close the popup window after the OK button is clicked.



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