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Every puzzle and platforming challenge in Tick Tock Isle, you’ll be unlocking new characters that you can use to get from one point to another. So even though the island itself is a giant clockface, the game’s puzzles are discrete puzzles, because the island is so big.‬
There are no red buttons that you have to press, and no treasure to swipe, but there are always items that you can interact with. These items allow you to rewind and fast-travel around the map.
Things get even better with the unlockables. Each hidden room on Tick Tock Isle will be full of puzzles and interactive-items that lead you deeper into the clockwork gears of the island.
There are also collectibles that you can find to add to your Cartridge. This is where the real challenge comes in. These gadgets come from all the characters on the island, and they’re all new to you. At the end of the game, you’ll find a belt called The Journey. Using the Journey’s abilities you can combine the gadgets you’ve found on the island to make new ones.
For example, you can make a pair of goggles called Flashblind, or a zipline which will allow you to skip certain parts of the island.
This is where the real brainpower comes in, this is where you have to think to beat the game.

Q&A with Stratum:

Have I died again? WTF I am going to go out of my mind. I am not accustomed to dying more than once.

I missed how it is played because I have no idea what a ZX Spectrum is. It looks like a mix between a PC and a Commodore.

I had a Commodore 64 years ago, I actually have a special board modded with the ZX Spectrum ROM chips.

What do you recommend for me?

I am looking for something with the letters and numbers, so I can better understand what I am looking at. Right now, I am stuck on making the puzzle full of “A”s and “Z”s.

I need to stop using “ABCA”, that’s too slow.

This game is great, it’s a mixture between a puzzle platformer and a time travel story. I liked that.

I liked when he said “Yo, what’s that?” and then gave you a piece of information.


Features Key:

  • Controls: Windows, Arrow Keys, Z Trigger
  • Composer by Dawnlinker
  • First game in the line of Dedicated Console Games by Gumi

Sample Video Demo:

Set up:

– Insert into a USB Stick-
– Create a Folder called “gufid” on the USB-Stick
– Launch “Explorer” and navigate to the “gufid”-Folder
– Double click in “Firewall-Allow” and double click on “Firewall-Allow” and open the “list” and check the checkbox “receiver application gufid
– Restart the system (shutdown / restart)


– Steam
– Humble Bundle
– Noush Games Store
– Gumi Store
– Game Jolt
– Gumi Origin

About Us:

We are young but experienced developers from around Germany. Both our developers are students, one is in middle school and the other one is in high school. This is one of the first projects we have published and we are looking forward to improve our skills and experiences.

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Until We Die

‘Cracked Until We Die With Keygen’ is a 2D B2F cooperative platformer game. You play as a group of dead friends on a bizarre adventure to save the world. You must explore a fantastic world full of mysterious creatures and mad characters.
For the first time in a B2F game, you can take control of your own character. The game features intuitive controls and several different control modes. And you can completely customize your experience with all kinds of difficulty settings.
About The Team
Brothers Craig and Dave Gibson are two guys who share a hobby they’ve both been playing with for years now. They both love platforming and have always had a game development project on their mind.
While they love the idea of a B2F game (like ‘Monk’, ‘Firewatch’ or ‘Until We Die’), they never really thought it would happen. That is, until they started to develop their own B2F game, ‘Until We Die’. After many delays and complications, the game was finally released in December 2017 and enjoyed by countless gamers all over the world.
Although this game was developed by two guys with no financial support or media attention, it still took seven years to complete, required more than 125 hours of work and is the result of a lot of cooperation and passion. We would love to see more people working on such a project. We are happy to see that ‘To Hell With Dave’ is more than a flash in the pan, but has taken on a life of its own. Now, we want to share this game with you.FEATURES
COOP – Play this game with your friends
DIFFICULTY – Many different difficulty settings
GUIDED – Guided mode lets you play in a step-by-step mode for a more relaxing gaming experience
‘To Hell With Dave’ is the third and final game of the ‘Until We Die’ series. It was made with the most talented developers that are currently working with us on new B2F games. We are happy to bring you this game and hope you will enjoy it.
If you want to support the development of our next game, click the Donate button.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.
Your Friggin’ Buddies,
The BrothersNext-generation sequencing to assess oncogene alterations in urinary bladder cancer: Aberrant mutational landscapes in carcinoma in situ and invasive bladder cancer.
This study sought to determine


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published:01 Aug 2017


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published:07 Jan 2017


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An aerobuilder, also known as an aerocrew or aircrew, is a person who assembles and repairs aircraft, while they are on the ground. On some airlines, both passengers and pilots are eligible to assist with this work. In this way, the aerobuilder is considered an associate of the pilot rather than a member of the ground crew.


There are several theories regarding the origin of the aerobuilder. One theory states that in the period between World Wars I and II, the primary aircraft component that was in need of repair was the engine, and at that time, the air mechanic, aka an “engineer”, was a person who inspected, lubricated, and calibrated the engines on an airframe, while the person who did the assembling of the aircraft was the “airframe mechanic” or “airframe engineer.” Since it was expensive to move an aircraft from one location to another, it would have been extremely costly to have a mechanic fly from one location to the other with the aircraft, and there would have been some times where the replacement of an engine would not have been able to be accomplished in time due to the necessity of going to the trouble of moving the aircraft to another location to allow the replacement. Since there were no “pilots” at that time, the term “aerobuilder” was coined to signify the mechanic who was responsible for the assembly and repair of aircraft.

Flipping through the pages of an old K


What’s new:

    (Not Quite What You’d Expected)

    Of all the things that have surprised me over the years, not being able to avoid a terrifying death in stories and video games has been my greatest and most heartbreaking disappointments. Beating a boss fight and watching the credits roll to see the credits roll is a great moment and I’ll remember it forever, but the games you actually play, who you care about, and who you have to kill to save them that you play…it’s hard to forget.

    And for that, I’m grateful. There’s nothing noble or admirable about it, but it’s how things are. People get wrapped up in books and films and die, it’s just how things are. In life, and in stories.

    I know of too many cases where a person playing the game, some character they care about and that they are wrapped up in…had something happen in real life that took years off of them, made them lose a job, they were too ill to work, lost an addiction, or any number of other horrible, horrible things. Every single day that passes is a gift, and there is nothing that could compare to something so devastating that it changes your life completely. It’s a thing that some people don’t appreciate until they’re much older…and I hope that for many years to come, people understand that it’s OK to expect them to die.

    That’s not a criticism of games, it’s not a criticism of a creator’s intent or the quality of the job they did. Instead, it’s a cautionary reminder to do a good job because your characters are infinitely more important than virtual worlds and the people who inhabit them.

    And so I’ve been thinking. I’ve thought about and said a million things over the years and even more since finishing The Witcher. I’ve talked about this with others and now I have to share it with you.

    Twice the brutal

    The first time I played through of The Witcher, late at night, I was in a reflective mood. I hadn’t talked with most of my friends in a while and the thought of them made me nervous. The first thing that happened as I was playing was lots of challenge from wolves…and after I actually beat a wolf, it was a bad moment.


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