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Acronis True Image 2010 Boot Cd Iso

Ok, I bought the tool, tried it and it’s buggy like the last one I bought. It doesn’t see my free DVD drive and won’t write anything onto the compact discs I put in. Then when I open the program, and I click to my CD key. It opens and…

When I try to create a bootable install disk for Ubuntu to a USB drive, the process starts, but halfway through it fails and I get an error message that says the project couldn’t be created. A previous version of Ubuntu on a separate computer…

I have seen a few posts about how to create a bootable flash drive for macs using Disk Utility but the instructions don’t seem to work with the newer versions of Disk Utility. I also tried using YUMI but for some reason I can’t seem to get the tool to…

I’m running Windows 7 RC (Upgrade Update 3) installed off a USB stick. I have tried to create a bootable install media on the USB stick using the Windows 7 RC ISO and Acronis True Image 2010 boot CD. Unfortunately, each time I have tried booting from the…

I want to make bootable flash drive on windows.
I have tried using the acronis bootable tool but it didn’t work.
I have tried this and boot into the disk and then running the ISO file, the video of the tool shows it can boot from that CD. But when I try to boot…Q:

Leaflet and geospatial features?

I’m looking to integrate a number of geospatial features onto a Leaflet map, using GeoJSON files. I’d like to apply some basic styling to each feature (with hover, click, display info), but the primary concern is styling the map so that the layer can be obviously distinguished from the base map.
Is there any reasonable way to do this? I’m comfortable setting map properties in JS, so there’s not much more I have to configure.


You can style based on attributes within the leaflet.StyleOptions object.

var icon = L.icon({
iconUrl: ‘/images/leaflet-icon-dark.png’,
iconSize: [25, 41],


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