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Despertar Del Cementerio Version 8 Download

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How to calculate percentage of values in array of objects in JavaScript

Ok, so I have this situation:
I am making a form where I can send and set values and I want to display the percentage in percent of each value.
For example, lets say I have an array of objects, where each object has a name and value:
{ name: “Male”, value: 0 },
{ name: “Female”, value: 4 },
{ name: “Other”, value: 6 },

It is possible to calculate the percentage of Male, Female, Other… in a new array of objects?
{ name: “Male”, percentage: “60%” },
{ name: “Female”, percentage: “40%” },
{ name: “Other”, percentage: “0%” },


Just loop and do math.

var data = [
{ name: “Male”, value: 0 },
{ name: “Female”, value: 4 },
{ name: “Other”, value: 6 },
var result = {}
result[] = (entry.value/data.length)*100


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Reciprocal of the eigenvalue of a matrix

I’m trying to prove that if $\lambda$ is an eigenvalue of a matrix $A$, then $\frac{1}{\lambda}$ is an eigenvalue of $A^{ -1}$.
The textbook I’m using only mentions that it follows from the fact that $A^{ -1}(Ax=\lambda x) \Rightarrow (A^{ -1}x=\frac{1}{\lambda}x)$.
How to prove that $(A^{ -1}x=\frac{1}{\lambda}x) \Rightarrow (Ax=\lambda x)$?
This is not an exercise question. I’m looking for the necessary and sufficient condition/proof to state that the reciprocal is an eigenvalue of the inverse of a matrix.


Let $x\in\Bbb R^n$ be such that $Ax = \lambda x$. Since
$$(A^{ -1})^T = (A^T)^{ -1},$$
it holds that
$$(A^{ -1})^T x = (A^T)^{ -1} x = (\lambda^{ -1})^Tx.$$
Thus, $(A^{ -1})^Tx = (\lambda^{ -1})^Tx$, which means that $A^{ -1}x$ is a scalar multiple of $x$.

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