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Posted: Sat May 29, 2017 10:00am

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Help in diagnosis of myocardial ischemia

22-Nov-2005 01:35


As the title states, I am in desperate need of help diagnosing my ischemia. I had a scheduled EKG about a month ago which was fine. I was having chest pain and felt like I couldn’t breathe. I went to the ER again and had a stress test which was also ok. I had my bloodwork drawn yesterday and my blood pressure is very high at 182/109. My resting pulse is 65 and I am not taking any of my heart medications right now. I also had a couple of EKGs done about 2 weeks ago and they were fine. I also went to the ER a couple of weeks ago for low-grade fever, sore throat, cough and congestion. They gave me a dose of IV Furosemide to try and make my heart beat quicker and the nurse told me to start an EKG in a week. But as I am writing this, I am not feeling well at all. My chest is tight and I feel exhausted. Any suggestions about what else I can do to diagnose my ischemia? I know my heart is fine. I just want to figure out what is wrong with it. I am taking no medication now and I feel fine, I just can’t breathe, especially when I am stressed. The doctor didn’t even think I had a heart attack in the ER.

My family has no history of heart problems, but I have a couple of heart problems. The first one was at the age of 6, and I was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. It was repaired with a PAVR. I had a heart attack at the age of 25, and was lucky enough to survive. It was

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Xamarin Android: how to run tests from CLI

I’ve added the “Make Test” task in the project properties.
I would like to make tests on my app (and test it on my android device) from command line.
How can I do that? I’m using Visual Studio 2015 and Xamarin Forms.


Have a look here:
Add the following support libraries to your project:


Now you can use the Xamarin Test Recorder and the Xamarin CLI to remotely run your unit tests.
Update (August 2015):
Starting with Visual Studio 2015, you can now easily add the Android xUnit test runner to your Xamarin solution as part of your iOS project. See the below steps to integrate it into your Xamarin Forms solution.
First, add the Android Dependency to your iOS project’s Project tab like so:

Add a new Android Library using the Android xUnit runner to your iOS project

Then, add a “Make Test Run” task to your iOS project to run the Android test runner via the Xamarin CLI.

The user guide for the Xamarin Android xUnit runner can be found here:

Joint Models for Restricted Configuration and Ordered Configuration Probabilities.
Restricted and ordered configuration probabilities are statistical tools used to analyze the


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Posted on April 2, 2010 at 5:06 PM . The movie I want to ask you about is called Tarzan: X-Shame of Jane. I took it from my local mediamax, so it was in English. Anyways, it’s a German movie, with English dubbing by Dynamite/Elite Films. At the end of the movie, there is a part where Jane is saying bye to Tarzan in the savannah. and she says that she hasn’t been good with him and that she never wanted to have a kid with him. so…I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a gag or what. but it’s in the end credits, so I’m gonna ask you guys about it: did you see that part, and did you find it interesting or funny?.

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