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OpenCV: How to load and use dynamic images from RAM memory?

I am trying to load dynamic images from the RAM memory with opencv on android. I can access the images from the ROM memory. But as I have RAM memory on the device, I want to load them from RAM.
I saw few things about jniOpenCV, but as far as I am not getting that where to use the cvLoadImage from the jniOpencv?
Is it the only way or a way in jniOpenCV to achieve this functionality?


You should just use the standard cvLoadImage. It does what you want. cvLoadImage will load the image to host of the OpenCV image class.
If you don’t have access to the OpenCV image class, you need to use the OpenCV native interface, that is cvLoadImage.


For those who’d like to use ‘cv::Mat’ to store the images, you can use cv::Mat.setTo.
You can also load the image from OpenCV’s native memory by using cvLoadImage, but that can fail with some errors.


SimpleDateFormat alternative/enhancement

I have 2 classes, say A and B which are not related directly. Class A is just a way to store the creation and update dates of Class B. All I need is to update the creation date of A from a date returned from B. I am using SimpleDateFormat as follows
SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat(“yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS”);
String newDate = sdf.format(b.getCreatedDate());

However I was wondering whether there was a better approach to this problem?

A: is a base class for the SimpleDateFormat and provides a whole family of methods for working with date/time tokens. Please take a look at it and at the related classes in Apache.
DateFormatSymbols will give you instances of a way to easily work with time/date/timezone strings. It’s all

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