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Play Roblox games online! Roblox is a free online game publisher. The games on Roblox can be created by the Roblox users themselves, or by game developers. There’s a range of game categories including virtual playgrounds, action games, adventure games, race games, and many more. With an intuitive user interface and unlimited potential, Roblox games can be created by children as young as five years old.
Roblox is a virtual world much like Second Life, Adobe Flash Games or Google Play game. Unlike those virtual worlds, Roblox is oriented towards building games and creating fun, not just displaying assets. It is very similar to Unity in functionality, using a drag-and-drop interface in the game builder. This means that players write their own scripts or scripting algorithms in order to add functionality and make their own games. The open-source scripting language Lua was used as a starting point, and its popularity has helped it gain traction in the “in-game” development sector.
Roblox has been featured in publications such as Time, CNN, CNBC, GameSpot, and Forbes, amongst others. In June 2010, Techcrunch reported that the Roblox Corporation had raised $500,000 from a group of existing investors, with the stated goal of expanding the scope of the project into new genres such as real-time strategy games and over-the-top online action games, as well as developing mobile applications for the Android platform.
Comic, Manga and Anime Entertainment

BBC News – Gaming may seem like a grown-up hobby for adults, but playing games is actually a very big part of childhood. What are the world’s most popular children’s games?

MCV Magazine – Roblox has been growing rapidly since its early days, partly due to its games being used for therapy sessions by mental health experts. Roblox has acquired games for children


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Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 and XP

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle brings the ultimate power battle to life by giving you the chance to be the owner of legendary BlazBlue characters. Match opponents’ BlazBlue characters in single and tag battles with special supports and your fight experience, earn gold and power-ups that will boost characters and supers.
The mission to acquire the legendary characters will be in full swing thanks to the Union roster. Only online play for now.
#2 · Wii U
#2-303724 – [27/03/18] Added Reddit link on the mainscreen
#3 · Wii U
#3-303054 – [27/03/18] Updated characters and costumes in shop
#4 · Xbox One
#4 · XBLA
#4-301823 – [27/03/18] Added to XBLA main menu
#5 · PS4
#5 · PSN
#5 · [27/03/18] Added server browser as there is none on the PS4 version of the game
#6 · PS4
#6 · [27/03/18] Added new characters added to the game
#7 · Xbox One
#7 · XBLA
#7-306792 – [27/03/18] Enabled auto save so players wont lose progress
#8 · XBLA
#8-306830 – [27/03/18] Added an option to turn off the online level.
#9 · PS4
#9 · [27/03/18] Added an option to turn off the online level.
#10 · Wii U
#10-309878 – [27/03/18] Fixed race on the training mode
#11 · PS4
#11 · [27/03/18] Added an option to turn off the online level.
#12 · PS4
#12 · [27/03/18] Fixed local leaderboards (Mirai)
#13 · Wii U
#13 · [27/03/18] Fixed online leaderboards (Mirai)
#14 · PS4
#14-303545 – [27/03/18] Added Mirai stage 1 and 2 to the game
#15 · PS4
#15 · [27/03/18] Added shop


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The fastest growing Roblox game is arguably the biggest animated drama of the last decade. This action-packed adventure role-playing game is filled with vibrant characters that have brought fans to their knees. Team up with friends to relive this experience in Roblox Game. Play this action-packed adventure role-playing game in 3D adventure world.

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Apex Legends is a free-to-play online battle royale game. A battle royale game is an online multiplayer gameplay with the final match being between only one player. In the battle royale game, you are dropped out of a helicopter at the center of the battlefield. You have to fight to make it to the last player standing.



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