Think of Roblox as LEGO for the virtual world. Using the intuitive user interface, it is possible to create your own 3D games and play them in a sandbox environment created just for you, within seconds. Developing your own games is tons of fun and you can share them directly with your friends and the millions of other players.
Roblox is free to download and use, though there are optional in-game purchases available from Robux. Robux can be purchased inside the game or in the Robux store. The game offers many different virtual items such as Robux, virtual clothing, houses, vehicles, etc. It is possible to create and customize characters, called ‘skins’, and of those characters own houses, cars, etc.
Features of Roblox:
► Play Games (Play online with other players, play alone or via local multiplayer):
►Construct your own games, or modify and play games built by others:
►Access the game from all your devices, and play your games instantly even without an internet connection.
►Connect with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
►Play games of all genres, from adventure to racing, strategy, multiplayer FPS, shooters, sports, MMO, etc.
►Access to the millions of users of Roblox and play games from all over the world.
►Create your own game items, buildings, vehicles, characters, etc.
►Access to many classic and modern games :
-World of Warcraft : Become a powerful shaman for the Dragonkings.
-Minecraft : Conquer the world of Minecraft, create your own worlds.
-FarmVille : Build the perfect farm in this popular farming game.
-Paradise Island : Become the Mayor of Paradise Island in this online social game.
►Play in many different languages.
►Play right from your web browser.
►Share screenshots of your games directly with your friends.
►Share screenshots with everyone else on Roblox.
►Share games from your friends using Robux.
►Share games with your social network using Robux.
►Play offline against other users around the world.
►Play in private mode, and play with your friends in offline mode.
►Export and upload your games to the Roblox Mobile App.
►Modify your games using Visual Studio Code.
Roblox Videos:
► Facebook:


Features Key:


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