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Netxs Control Software Zip


I was interested in your response to the question you asked on Netxs forum. Here is the answer, although I noticed you asked a new question:
First, you should download the file ‘’ located in the same folder as this.7z archive. The application is a ‘winzip compatible’ file. If you don’t have Winzip installed, you can download it from Then open a command prompt (cmd) and enter the following:
7z x XNB.7z

This will open a ‘’ file. You will notice that the data is file. It is a file that is almost double the size.
7z x XNB.7z

You may be prompted for ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to install the latest version. Just accept the new version.
7z x XNB.7z

This should take a while. It may ask you for a password, and then it will complete the install.
Zip Password

After the install is complete, open the XNA software. You should now see the Netxs Control Software Zip in the program.

Click on ‘New’, and then you should be able to select the ‘XNB’ file.

You may then select the pool where you want to install the driver, and then close the new window when you are ready.

After the driver is installed, you may close the ‘new’ window.

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